“In the right” special: colorful Guizhou to blaze a new trail

2022-05-25 0 By

Guizhou, as the holy land and blessed land of The Chinese revolution, has made a mark in the history of the Party’s century-old struggle.Reviewing the magnificent century-long journey, the light of faith illuminates the road ahead, and the journey of original aspiration is sonorous.The era is the publisher, the people are the readers.”Guizhou miniature”, handed over an inspiring answer paper.We will break new ground in the large-scale development of the western region in the new era, break new ground in rural revitalization, seize new opportunities in implementing the digital economy strategy, and make new achievements in ecological conservation.The overall direction of high-quality development has become a key support for Guizhou to blaze a new trail in the development of western China in the new era.”Chuang new road” is the key to “chuang”, “chuang” must have fearless, indomitable spirit, must have the courage to take responsibility, positive attitude, must not be unwilling to mediocrity, pioneering spirit.The year 2021 is a milestone year in the history of Guizhou’s development and will surely go down in the history of guizhou.Guizhou unswervingly promoted the shift of focus of work, concentrated on the layout of the project, braved difficulties and forged ahead, and delivered the report card of “the 14th Five-year Plan” and “steady opening”.On the road to a “new future”, Guizhou is striving to create a new “golden decade” of high-quality development.