Gastric cancer also has heavy disaster crowd!Compare 4 points to see, if you meet, advise you to change the bad habit as soon as possible

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In the process of food digestion and absorption, the stomach plays a key role.Therefore, once the stomach is sick, the adverse impact on human health will be very large.Especially gastric cancer, in the case of not timely treatment will even lead to a significant reduction in human life expectancy, so for gastric maintenance, we must pay more attention to.Especially after the age of 50, because the digestive function is reduced somewhat, the incidence of gastric cancer is likely to rise substantially, right now to the prevention of gastric cancer, must give more attention.Here is a detailed understanding of the circumstances in which gastric cancer is more likely to occur, we must pay attention to timely avoid.It is well known that the punctuality of the stomach is very strong. Therefore, if you want to ensure the health of the stomach, you must pay more attention to eating on time.But in real life, as the pace of work continues to accelerate, many people will be busy and choose to arbitrarily postpone or cancel meals, this approach is very undesirable.Time grew, can cause gastrointestinal function to drop seriously because of frequent hollow very likely, this is very adverse to gastric cancer prevention.Therefore, for the sake of stomach health, it is suggested that we must arrange meal time reasonably.In general, the best time to eat breakfast is between 6 and 8, lunch is between 11 and 13, and dinner is between 17 and 20.Such meal planning is more scientific and reasonable, neither because of meal interval time is too long and lead to hunger in advance, nor because of meal interval time is too short and lead to poor appetite, unable to eat.2, do not pay attention to dining hygiene helicobacter pylori infection is one of the key pathogenic factors to induce gastric cancer.The main mode of transmission of HELICobacter pylori is mouth-to-mouth transmission, that is, in the case of eating together with the infected person, eating food with each other, it is easy to cause bacterial infection, which has a very serious adverse impact on stomach health.Therefore, in daily life, we must pay more attention to the health of meals.In the case of a group dinner, be sure to actively implement serving chopsticks or separate meals.In addition, if you have been infected with H. pylori, you must actively receive eradication treatment.Otherwise, over time, the incidence of gastric cancer will rise significantly.3, regular drinking often drinking often causes very serious damage to the gastric mucosa, so in the case of regular drinking, the incidence of gastric cancer will also rise significantly.Therefore, if you want to avoid stomach cancer as much as possible, you must actively abstain from alcohol.Especially to the friend that has stomach disease to itself, to this, must raise take seriously.4, long-term imbalance of diet structure to effectively ensure gastrointestinal health, in addition to paying more attention to when to eat, pay more attention to what to eat is also very important.Because fall in the circumstance of long-term unbalance of dietary structure, if long-term excessive preference is high oil, high sugar, high salt, spicy, cold cold kind when indigestible food, cause gastric function to be damaged seriously because of digestive burden very easily.In this case, it is possible to cause gastric cancer.These are the bad behaviors that can lead to a large increase in the incidence of stomach cancer.We must give full attention to this kind of knowledge.Especially after the age of 50, with the continuous decline of physical fitness, the incidence of all kinds of stomach diseases will be significantly increased.At this time, if we continue to ignore gastrointestinal maintenance, it is very easy to make gastric cancer take advantage of the situation.