Career progression guide: If you want to make leaders and colleagues easy to fix, the key is to speak to the point

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Have you ever been in a workplace meeting with a long list of ideas, only to be urged to hurry up so as not to delay the meeting?When chairing the meeting on the stage to speak passionately, think speak very detailed and clear, but the audience is not playing mobile phones is in a trance.When you report to your boss, you prepare a lot of words to pave the way, but the boss often interrupts you and asks you to pick the key points.I don’t know how to talk about it. The following report was broken and unclear.When you talk to your colleagues for a long time, they seem to have no idea what you want to say and want to continue talking. Your colleagues don’t want to listen any more.Most of the time, it’s difficult to get your teeth into a fight at work, and it’s probably because you don’t have a theme or a logical thread when you speak up.1. Do not grasp the theme of the speech did not grasp the theme, said to run off, east and west, the results of others do not know what you want to talk about.Think back to a time when you were making a speech and you felt like you had several points you wanted to say. You went from one question to another, and then to another, and then back and forth, and none of them became clear, so it was hard to get to the point.2. There is no logical Thread When you speak logically, your mind is disorganized. There is no logical thread or central point in your mind when you speak.It’s easy to ramble on when you don’t even know what the purpose of the speech is.So how do you keep your speech focused?First of all, let’s take a look at the key point of the speech first trick: conclusion before the method.Conclusion antecedent method is to put the conclusion in the beginning, then explain the specific reasons or events, so that you can highlight the main point, let the other person quickly understand your intention.In addition, once you say your conclusion, you’ll know exactly what you’re talking about and avoid digressions.You also know that there is a clear logical line in your mind when you say the reason behind the conclusion, so that you don’t get confused.Let’s take a look at this case.At the meeting, the office newcomer Xiaohui was called on by the leadership and asked her to give her opinion on the new product.Being called xiaohui was very nervous, but had to say, so she thought of what to say.This new product is really exciting, yesterday I and friends to dinner to our new product, also said that she is very interested in, we said that while eating a lot of problems in this field, also addressed the issue of pricing slightly higher, this for more than 20 years old working class is very difficult, I think the market survey in advance of time should be longer,From the beginning of sales to now half a month, we have received some consumer complaints, “before Xiaohui finished, the leader interrupted her and asked:” What do you want to say?”The meeting was awkward.We can see that Xiaohui said four things: “She talked about the new product with her friends at dinner”, “the product price is slightly higher”, “the market investigation time should be extended” and “consumer complaints”.Obviously, xiaohui does not know what she wants to express, that is, what is the theme mentioned in front of us, and it is not clear what she wants to say, so she said this and that, and others could not hear the focus, and the result was interrupted by the leadership.If the small hui say: “I think the price of new products for more than 20 years old working class slightly tall, should adjust the pricing strategy of new products, because we are new products is the main audience of this part of the crowd……” say so, leadership becomes clear to small hui the opinions of the new product pricing adjustment are given, also won’t appear be interrupted the leadership of the scene.The above is the speech said the key first recruit: conclusion antecedent method.Let’s share the second way to focus your speech.2 gold three points to look at the speech said key second recruit: gold three points.The golden three-point approach is to break what you want to say into one, two and three points so that the other person can easily understand what you are trying to say, and it can make our language more organized, focused and memorable.When you have one, two, or three things to say in your head, you’ll know exactly where you’re going after one point, so you don’t have to jump in and out and say a bunch of things that haven’t gotten to the point yet.Sometimes when we use the golden three-point theory, our views will feel scattered, so we can collect these points and sum up the central point, so that the central idea of the speech is clear, and it is not easy to say something wrong when talking, and it is conducive to deepen the memory of the other party.Or use the case of small hui in front.Let’s say Xiaohui says, “For the new product, I would like to offer my opinion from the three aspects of price, market research and customer satisfaction.First, about the price, I think the price of the new product is slightly higher…Second, for the market survey, I think the survey time should be extended… Third, for the customer satisfaction, we have received some customer complaints, I think we should consider XX can be improved… “In this way, even if Xiaohui said three things, the leaders can clearly know what she was going to say.Because small hui an opening to let the leadership clear she wants to speak three content, list one, two, three can let the leadership follow her logic line to listen to, naturally will not be interrupted.Above is the speech to say the key second recruit: gold three points theory.Let’s share a third way to focus your speech.WWH structure 3.WWH structureWWH stands for what, why and how.Before you open your mouth, ask yourself these three questions: what is it? What is the thing?Why: Why something has been done and why it has led to this result How to do it:How to deal with this situation, what you need to do, what you need to do. When you answer all three of these questions, when you speak, you have a clear logical line in your mind, a clear idea of what you’re going to say next, and the listener won’t feel confused and disorganized.Get to the point and people will listen.Let’s go on to xiaohui.In the first half month since the launch of our new product, we have received a number of consumer complaints.The main reasons for the complaint are the following three points (why) : ······ I think xiaohui should (what to do) ·· After listening to the leaders may praise her, because she found the problems of the new product launch and gave corresponding solutions.This is our speech to say the key three trick, through the three methods to practice, you can easily do the speech to say the key, improve your workplace communication expression, do effective communication.Did you learn?Pay attention to @zheng Xiaoqian, 6 months was resigned twice, forced to sideline to the main business of reading and writing teacher, continue to output workplace, writing dry goods.