2022, live up to you

2022-05-25 0 By

Confucius said, “The dead are like men who never give up day or night.”Time goes on and on like water, never to return.Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer, winter snow.The seasons are the beginning and end of the years.The beauty of time lies in its inevitable passage.For nature, it’s just a cycle.To man, it is the passage of necessity.Peach blossoms are still, old people are not.Time has taken away a lot, but also a lot of gifts.Along the way, there are ups and downs, gains and losses.Years in their own flowing, once has become the past, everything is the most beautiful mark.Years may be myriad, not quiet good.But we can choose how we live with the years.”At major events there is calm.”Have the courage to change in the change, in the change, maintain inner peace, in the change beyond yesterday’s self.2022, even if once black and blue, wake up, is a new life.2022, even if the rain, as long as the heart is not gray, the world is sunny.2022, face life, accept its right and wrong, good and bad.If you do not hurt, the years are all right.Through the mountain high water long, taste the world 100, watch the beautiful life of the first.Xu years static good, xu time gentle, everything is the best appearance.