The Legend of Zhen Huan episode 14: An Lingrong’s father is jailed, and Shen Meizhuang provosts an Lingrong

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Anlingrong has been cautious to live, although there has never been a favor, but because of zhen Huan and Shen Mei zhuang’s protection, the day is still ok, but did not think of is, because of the matter of food, Anlingrong’s father was arrested and imprisoned.This thing just happened Shen Mei father zhuang jurisdiction area, AnLingRong hope Shen Mei zhuang can write a letter to her father, let AnLingRong father can survive, Shen Mei would want to do this, but Su Peisheng told Shen Mei zhuang, for this thing, don’t get their gribouille do bet, so didn’t go Shen Mei zhuang.Zhen Huan AnLingRong met with the queen, the queen said she went to the emperor, but there is only so much you can do, so what’s disposal, but also to see the emperor, was the emperor summoned Zhen Huan, her words is the key to the emperor pass AnLingRong father, but didn’t expect that were cut in the autumn of the worm, the queen told the AnLingRong,So Anlingrong thinks everything is the queen’s credit.Anling Rong such a background, such a situation, she can only step by step, calculating, for her, perhaps at the beginning of the sisterly love, but slowly faded, and she also felt that she could not really cheng Ye Zhen Huan and Shen Mei zhuang’s good friend.A lot of times is like this, once there is a little gap between people, this will become an irreparable rift, like Anlingrong and Shen Mei Zhuang.