Good boy image into the house!TVB wants to change the image of the past, eager to play the villain strive to have a breakthrough

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Recently, dyed a light purple hair TVB young zhang Yanbo with a new image to show people to many net friends brought a fresh feeling.During the New Year, he also released a variety show called “Year of the Tiger: Chill, Eat and Play games”. If you are interested, you can watch it.With his new look, Zhang said he wanted to change his old look, and many people did not recognize him after he dyed his hair.Zhang Yanbo said: I want to change the image, dyed hair, a lot of people said that I do not recognize me, the feeling is very fresh, in fact, a lot of gray hair, usually shooting drama almost every week to dye black, recently do not take drama even play, so to do bleaching and dyeing, all the way to try different colors, or into the drama will not have to play.When it comes to Zhang Yanbo’s acting career, he has been in the industry for 17 years unconsciously. It has to be said that time flies. At the same time, Zhang Yanbo has already gone through ten years in TVB alone.In the impression of many audience, Zhang Yanbo often plays the role of some younger brother in the drama, because his appearance is indeed always give everyone a very young, younger brother image.But in fact, zhang Yanbo in reality, he is already 41 years old, but if do not say zhang Yanbo’s real age, I believe that many people just guess that he is only in his 20s.So all the time, because Zhang Yanbo’s image is a good boy type, the audience for his image has been printed in the mind.However, Zhang Yanbo does not always want to bring you such an image, he wants to seek a new breakthrough, he said: I give people a feeling too good boy, want to turn the road, want to challenge different roles, hope to challenge to be a big villain, others think I look good, do the effect contrast of the villain should be good.Indeed, when it is said now, imagine zhang Yan Bo as the villain of the picture, can be said to be quite fresh, and do not know is Zhang Yan Bo this wish when can be realized?When it comes to the wonderful performances that Zhang has brought to the audience in the past, such as jumping Lifeline, House of Friends, Witness 4 and so on, he has appeared in all of them.Although in the performing arts on the road, Zhang Yan Bo in front of the performance of the opportunity is not a lot of, but every performance can always give you a deep impression.As for Zhang Yanbo in real life, the image is the same as a darling, but he is more of a “twenty-four filial piety”, for the stepfather is super filial piety.Zhang Yanbo, who was born in a broken family, has always treated his stepfather as his own father. When his stepfather suffered a stroke in his early years, Zhang spent all his savings to take care of him, and often accompanied him to the hospital for regular follow-up visits.However, last year, Zhang yanbo’s stepfather passed away. Zhang wrote a post on social media to mourn his stepfather and appreciate his stepfather’s contribution to the family over the years.In the text at that time, Zhang Yanbo often called his stepfather “dad”, which was enough to show the position of the stepfather in Zhang’s mind and his recognition of the stepfather.Although Zhang Yanbo and the other party is no blood relationship, but in so many years of getting along and life, they are already a family, can be said to be better than blood relationship!