Budget 30000, 150-250 flat floor, with water-cooled engine and ABS scooter, please recommend

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The budget is 30,000 yuan, 150-250 yuan, the scooter with flat floor, water-cooled engine and ABS, please recommend this is a question left by a car friend in the background.Let’s take a look at this car friend’s description, the subject said “want to use a scooter to motorcycle travel, with a big fuel tank, front and rear disc brake, and matching ABS, the most ideal foot position can put things on the real pedal, please recommend.”The budget is about 30,000 yuan, but not more than 35,000 yuan. The displacement had better be 150~250cc, because it is not cost-effective to buy insurance every year if the displacement exceeds this range.”I am knight share thank you for your attention like plus forwarding!According to the description, this car friend has made a comprehensive consideration of the selection criteria of models, and the use is very clear. Then, under this demand, what kinds of models will appear?Knight share feeling the following a few can consider.The first sanyang Cruise 150 is currently priced at 18800. This is an early model of 150 level scooter with water-cooled engine, and with a new round of optimization and upgrading, this car has also realized the front and rear disc brake double channel ABS.The most important sanyang Yi 150 also has the flat floor design that the subject wants, and then combined with its current price of 20,000, so the indicators basically can meet the needs of the subject, the only deficiency may be that it is not too big 7.5L fuel tank, but referring to the design of the same model, this soft side can also be accepted.The second gwangyang RKS150 is currently priced at 18800 this is gwangyang launched shortly last year a crossover style is more obvious models, it uses the current more popular a ADV appearance, making the vehicle appearance level in the same displacement scooter is very prominent.In terms of power, this RKS150 is also the first scooter equipped with water-cooled engine among gwangyang models with the same displacement. With the application of the new water-cooled power assembly, its performance has been significantly enhanced.The front and rear disc brake double channel ABS, flat floor design can also be seen in this car.Combined with the characteristics of motorcycle travel, this car is also a 150 flat floor scooter worthy of consideration under the current needs of the subject.The third Sanyang JET150 SL is currently priced at 16800, which is a new model just launched this year. It belongs to the positioning of sports attribute, with an extremely dynamic appearance and a frame structure that pays more attention to handling performance. According to its setting direction, it is not suitable for motorcycle riding, but because the floor of this car is flat,So it also fits the problem.4 jincheng tiramisu 200 currently sells 22800 this is a style more standard European scooter, it has a retro bigfoot sheep and appearance of the body structure, and also has a flat floor and disc brake before and after the double channel ABS, also with water-cooled engines and ideal speed performance, under the current needs of topic main can also pay attention to.This is a large scooter in the body structure, practical setting of a flat floor model, is also the above models in the floor available space is relatively sufficient scooter.Combined with its long wheelbase, motorcycle riding will have relatively good comfort.And its engine is water-cooled design, and there will be front and rear disc brake double channel ABS version, but its fuel tank volume and performance, in the same displacement model is not absolutely outstanding, so the core competitiveness in motorcycle demand will be a little weaker.The sixth sekelon RT3c is currently priced at 22500. This is a medium and large scooter whose cruise style is transformed into practical design. On the basis of retaining the original cruise style, it adopts a flat floor design, which makes the use of the vehicle more diversified.In terms of power, this car is equipped with a 250cc single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine. Its actual performance is quite good, and there will be certain advantages in terms of technology.It features dual channel ABS with front and rear disc brakes, although the cruise’s original 17L tank has been reduced to 12L due to structural changes, but it’s still a worthwhile choice.The above six models are a recommendation of the current demand, because the subject has a special preference for flat floor, so some popular models in the current price, such as PCX160, NMAX155, Cruise 150X and so on, are not recommended.However, the recommended six models will meet the needs of the subject in all aspects, so we can make a choice after comprehensive consideration.The content of this article will be published on the whole network, please respect the fruits of others’ labor, if found malicious reprint, will protect their rights in the end.