The world set 22: Zhou Bingkun system down successfully

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With The incorporation of Zhou Bingkun we also began to ease up, Cao Debao deliberately asked whether Zhou Bingkun system down?Disease asked Zhou Bingkun if compiled down to it?Zhou Bingkun saw the meaning of everyone, deliberately not to say, a group of people under the leadership of Cao Debao down Zhou Bingkun “beat”, laughter out of the room.Zheng Juan saw Zhou Bingkun back to pour the washing water, originally wanted to tell Zhou Bingkun some things, only to find that the bike parked in the yard was gone.Zhou Bingkun had to report to the police here, the police heard that it was a bicycle immediately with emotion top their monthly salary.Gong Wei also promised to help look for it after he got the news, but it was very difficult to find it. Maybe someone stole it and sold it.Gong Wei told Zhou bingkun that now the government would have a new policy and vigorously reform it.Now the south has developed very well, then the north will develop, gong Wei told Zhou Bingkun because the young people do not have jobs, so the crime keeps on happening.When all the reforms were well, they would be well. Listening to Gong Wei’s words, Zhou Bingkun had only a half-understanding of them.Luo Shibin returned to Guangzhou, at this time he has made a fortune, living in a mansion, and for a wife.Just home wife gave him a test report, to prove that he was pregnant.Luo Shibin angrily drove away his wife Ginkgo.Zheng Juan did not know how to and Zhou Bingkun said Nannan things, because zhou mother love Nannan more than their own grandson in a hurry, Zhou Bingkun is also spoiled love Nannan grew up, now if know Luo Shibin back to find Nannan, Zhou Bingkun will and Luo Shibin desperately.Zhou Bingyi let Zheng Juan first from Zhou Bingkun, because now Zhou Bingkun belongs to the career of rising, he will slowly think of a way.Zhou Bingkun took the initiative to discuss the matter of opening a bookstore with Mr. Shao. After opening a bookstore, there will be a shortage of people. Zhou Bingkun hopes to recruit people he will recommend.Shui Zilai northern metal factory has been negotiated, Luo Shibin hopes to develop his career to the whole country, he did all for Nannan.Before he thought he could live in Shenzhen all his life, but now Luo Shibin hopes Nannan can know him, can know his own father is a kind of person.Zhou Bingkun system did not come down, the president wanted to personally find Zhou Bingkun said, but Mr. Shao Shao Jingwen did not want to stimulate Zhou Bingkun, want to personally say, but see Zhou Bingkun busy back, Mr. Shao did not know how to open.Shao Jingwen also found zhou Bingyi working in government agencies explained the situation now.Hao Dongmei also some do not understand, now have a good why to go back, but Zhou Bingyi can understand, because Zhou Bingkun want to prove to Zhou Zhigang, in the concept of the elderly, Zhou Bingkun is now unemployed.Hao Dongmei put forward to let the mother, can be opposed by Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Bingyi think that now and Zhou Bingkun competition post that man is far inferior to Zhou Bingkun.But Hao Dongmei thinks many things don’t depend on who is stronger than who. There may be other problems.Shao Jingwen wrote a letter to the reaction of Zhou Bingkun, hope to be prepared to Zhou Bingwen, Hao Dongmei think no matter who will not dare to put this thing down.And Shao Jingwen has retired now, then no one can he how, Hao Dongmei think it has become, let Zhou Bingyi also don’t worry.Things did come true, Shao Jingwen did the unsung hero, although contributed to the establishment of things, but let the president and Zhou Bingkun said.Zhou Bingkun ran past shao Jingwen, Shao Jingwen pretended not to know to celebrate For Zhou Bingkun, Zheng Juan is also proud and happy for Zhou Bingkun.Zhou Bingkun came to the lumber factory to see the National Day, will be their own under the preparation of the hospitality to tell good brothers.I happened to run into the director.Director of Zhou Bingkun is very enthusiastic, speaking of other small furniture factory business is hot now, he is about to close the factory, director hope Zhou Bingkun can find the provincial party committee work Zhou Bingyi help, Zhou Bingkun hurriedly explain Zhou Bingyi is just a nobody, can not say words to help.National Day immediately help to speak, if you really have the ability also won’t let my brother when temporary workers.Hearing this, the director had to leave quickly.With the help of Zhou Bingkun, after the bookstore began, Zhou Bingkun let Wu Qian to work in the bookstore, which makes Wu Qian very happy, in order to let the bookstore open, Zhou Bingkun bought a set of books to another called ning er clerk.Ning er is also very satisfied with the job, especially when looking at Chow Bingkun, Ning er’s eyes are shining.Bookstore just opened the guests on an endless stream, Zhou Bingkun put forward to enter some audio-visual supplies in the bookstore, the president immediately said that whenever the bookstore things, let Zhou Bingkun own decision.Zhou Zhigang received a letter from Beijing.