Team GB has claimed the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics after Japan conceded early

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The British women’s curling team comfortably beat Japan.Britain’s first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics came a bit late indeed.20, the Beijing Olympics to enter the race for the last day, in the women’s curling gold medal on the morning of that day of, the curling women with 7 (4) and 9 rounds (2 points) of perfect performance, forced into the Olympic women’s curling final Japan for the first time, have to accept an inning early lost 3 to 10, the gold medal as a result, because of the gold medal,The British women’s curling team also helped the British team break their gold medal record in Beijing.Compared with their thrilling semi-final win over Sweden in a play-off, the British women’s curling team had a relaxed and enjoyable performance in the gold medal match.First inning after will get 2 points, the curling women has always been firmly occupy the initiative, and once in the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics gold medal of the curling, compared to women for the first time of Japan finals games curling is somewhat “stressed out”, this became their after 4 than 10 by the British team round robin,The root cause of losing the gold medal to Great Britain again.With the gold, Great Britain’s women’s curling team have now won two golds at the Winter Olympics, putting them second behind Sweden (three) and level with Canada, who have also won twice.In a lopsided final, Great Britain set another record by beating Japan by seven points, the largest margin of victory in a women’s curling gold medal since Canada beat Denmark 7-1 in nagano in 1998.Great Britain’s women’s curling team has won a second Winter Olympic gold medal.So uneventful was the gold medal match that it was the most lopsided women’s curling event of the Winter Olympics. Great Britain, who lost their opening round-robin match to Switzerland and were somewhat lucky to reach the semi-finals, did indeed make a low start.This also made the British women’s curling team obviously have a magical “Beijing trip”, of course, the British women’s curling team this gold medal, for the British Winter Olympics delegation is also precious and magical.Delegation of Beijing Olympics, the games are a total of 50 contestants, but it was not until Britain before curling the girls on the gold medal match, the delegation of the games, but only a silver medal is worth mention, this silver MEDALS are also associated with curling, gold in the men’s curling, British men will eventually defeat Sweden 4 to 5.The British men’s curling team won silver.The men’s curling team missed out on gold and the women’s curling team triumphed. Two Great Britain curling teams swept all the MEDALS at the Beijing Winter Olympics and extended the team’s record of winning a gold medal at four Consecutive Winter Olympics.Despite never missing a Winter Olympics, the British Team, which had won just 11 gold MEDALS before The Beijing Games, was not a traditional winter Olympic powerhouse, but more like a “small team”.But since vancouver in 2010, Team GB has managed to win a gold medal at every Winter Olympics.From vancouver to pyeongchang games for three consecutive Olympic winter games, the British woman of the three gold MEDALS from all steel snowmobiles project, but the British delegation of the games was unfortunately, as the two Olympic women’s steel snowmobiles jarno’s retirement, the British player is the monopoly position in the competition also ceased to exist – Beijing Olympic women’s steel snowmobiles,Britain’s Laura Deese was only 19th.Seen in this light, the women’s curling team’s belated, even whistle-blowing, gold medal was all the more exciting for team GB.It is also true that women’s curling has become more competitive at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Throwing away or even forgetting the previous “achievements” may be the only option for any team eager to make a difference.