Shangluo students, the requirement of returning to school has been set!The time of the examination is arranged like this

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At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still the focus of colleges and universities to remind students.Most universities will return to school by staggered peaks in batches. At the same time, it is clear that negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours are required before returning to school. Green codes of “One code pass” and “big data travel card” have become the “standard configuration”.Xi ‘an Jiaotong University students will officially return to school on February 19.In order to ensure that students return to school safely and smoothly, the school’s various departments took active actions, closely cooperated and took multiple measures to build a strong campus security “protection wall”.It is understood that after careful deployment and process optimization, students of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University only need to submit the application for returning to school and relevant certificates. After approval, they can swipe their campus cards at the school gate to accurately check their identity, nucleic acid report and itinerary code. After scanning the code and measuring the temperature, they can quickly enter the school.The reporter learned that the university has also formulated the guidance for undergraduate and graduate students to return to school in the spring semester of 2022, providing accurate guidance for students to return to school.Set up undergraduate and graduate students return to school work point, arrange teachers to be on duty all the time, provide intimate service for students.Xi ‘an University of Technology (XUT) will return to campus in batches from February 21 to 27.Students are required to apply for returning to school in advance, submit relevant materials and information online, and return to school as planned after verification by counselors and approval by the School. Students are not allowed to return to school without approval.The school has made it clear that students should meet the following conditions when returning to school: xi ‘an “One Code Pass” and “Communication big data Travel card” green code;14 days before returning to school, the student is healthy without fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, and the health monitoring record of “Epidemic Pass” is normal;Nucleic acid test negative within 48 hours prior to return to school.Or no living family nearly 14 days in high risk areas and the county (city, area, flag, municipality directly under the central government or deputy provincial city of villages and towns or street) living in history, and himself on his way to school without the high risk areas and the county (city, area, flag, municipality directly under the central government or deputy provincial city of villages and towns or street) to transit hubs.Students will register on February 19th and 20th in Northwest A&F University.Classes will start on Monday, February 21.Xi ‘an Shiyou University students returned to school from February 26 to 28.Students are not allowed to return to school early without the approval of the school.Xi ‘an University of Finance and Economics (XUFE) spring return notice states that students should register on March 12th and 13th.Students from outside the province will return to school on March 12, and students from within the province will return to school on March 13.Classes will start on March 14th (Monday).Registration time is subject to change until further notice.Teachers and students from medium-high risk areas (risk areas are subject to the latest announcement of The State Council client) or those who have been living in medium-high risk areas within 14 days shall postpone their return to school.Foreign teachers and students are not allowed to return to school without permission of the university.After returning to school, teachers, students and staff should monitor their health at least 14 days in advance according to the start time of school. They should take temperature measurements every morning, afternoon and evening, and report to the “I XUFE” temperature reporting system.After returning to school, he received daily health monitoring.Upon returning to school, teachers, students and staff must hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and accept temperature test, health code and big data travel card for verification.On the way back to school, you must consciously take personal protection to avoid transferring or stopping in medium-high risk areas. After arriving at school, you must properly store the information of transportation mode for future reference.Escorts and vehicles are not allowed to enter the school when students return to report.Students of Xi ‘an University of Foreign Affairs will report to Xi ‘an University of Foreign Affairs on March 5 and 6, 2022. Classes will start on March 7.Xi ‘an Peihua University (XI ‘an Peihua University) has announced the plan of returning to school. Students of xi ‘an Peihua University will register for classes on March 5th and 6th (Saturday and Sunday).Classes will start on March 7 (if the school needs to return to school by staggered peak, it will be adjusted dynamically according to the epidemic situation and will be notified separately).All faculty and staff should return to their residence in Xi ‘an 14 days before the start of the semester to monitor their health at home.Students will return to school with the return notice, big data travel card, health code green code, nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours.The school has also made it clear that there are various conditions for students not to return to school temporarily, which can be checked on the official website of the school.Xi ‘an Peihua University said it will adjust the conditions for returning to school dynamically according to the latest requirements of Shaanxi Province.Remind schools that have announced the plan to return to school have reminded students to postpone returning to school if they live in medium-high risk areas or have a history of living in medium-high risk areas within 14 days.At the same time, teachers, students and staff returning to school should conduct self-health monitoring at least 14 days in advance according to the start time of school, and make temperature monitoring records and report daily.Upon returning to school, teachers, students and staff must hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and accept temperature test, health code and big data travel card for verification.At the same time, students are reminded to do a good job of personal protection on the way back to school and avoid transit or stopover in medium-high risk areas.If the epidemic situation or local epidemic prevention and control requirements change, the school will make an adjustment notice.Shaanxi has issued its first school COVID-19 emergency alert of the year: Due to the Spring Festival travel rush, students returning to school and cold winter weather, the pressure of COVID-19 prevention and control is increasing.Suggestions: Schools at all levels should remain on high alert, not be careless, and continue to do a good job in emergency response and regular prevention and control work.We will carry out the patriotic public health campaign for the new era, make good use of the first lesson of the school year, teach the anti-epidemic thinking and politics well, and carry out special patriotic public health campaign activities.Adhere to temperature measurement, scan health codes, wear masks, and implement prevention and control measures such as elimination of key parts and ventilation.Novel Coronavirus vaccination will continue.We should continue to strengthen the publicity of COVID-19 prevention and control knowledge and vaccination knowledge, enhance the risk prevention awareness of teachers and students, do individual prevention and control, and form a strong force of mass prevention and control.School-related infectious diseases: in the middle and late February, due to the intervention of new sources of infection, susceptible groups gather and have more contact, which provides favorable conditions for the occurrence and spread of diseases, and respiratory or intestinal infectious diseases are more likely to occur.Advice:All kinds of schools at all levels is a respiratory and intestinal infectious disease prevention and control knowledge of health education work, such as protection consciousness of students, guide students to develop good health habits, wash their hands, ventilation, drink water more, more reasonable arrangement work and rest, improve the quality of the body, to have a vaccine to prevent infectious diseases such as influenza, epidemic parotitis mumps, chicken pox, etc., according to the requirements of relevant vaccination in time.The prevention and control of infectious diseases in schools shall be strengthened, and various prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented, including morning and afternoon check-ups, class absence registration, cause tracing, returning to school after recovering from illness, ventilation and disinfection, and epidemic reporting. When an epidemic situation is discovered, it shall be reported, isolated, and treated as early as possible.Strengthen the management of food hygiene and drinking water hygiene in the school canteen, strictly implement the management system of the school canteen, improve the purification and disinfection treatment facilities of self-provided water and secondary water supply, strengthen the purification and disinfection treatment and testing of water quality, to ensure the safety of food and drinking water for teachers and students.At the same time, all kinds of schools should pay attention to other infectious diarrhea, winter and spring common respiratory infectious diseases, strengthen prevention and control.On February 17 evening, it was learned that the provincial Department of Education issued a notice on the 2022 Shaanxi Junior high school scholastic ability examination on February 16, specifying the time and subjects of this year’s junior high school scholastic ability examination for grade 9 and grade 8.Among them, the ninth grade academic level examination (examination) time: June 18, 19, 20 morning, a total of 7 subjects 7 volumes.The eighth grade biology and geography exam is scheduled for the afternoon of June 20.Questions will increase the proportion of inquiry-based, open and comprehensive questions, and actively explore interdisciplinary questions.In 2022, online marking will be implemented for junior high school academic proficiency examination in our province.The written test subjects for grade 8 students are biology and geography. There are 2 volumes in 2 subjects.The full score of the two subjects is 60 points, and the exam duration is 60 minutes.Experimental operation examination subjects: information technology on the computer operation and biological experiment operation, two full score value each 10 minutes, test time each 15 minutes, test specific methods in accordance with the provincial department of education related documents.The written test subjects for grade 9 students are: Chinese, Mathematics, English, physics, morality and rule of law, chemistry and history, with 7 subjects and 7 volumes.Among them, ethics and rule of law are open – book written test, other subjects are closed – book.For the written test subject, the Language subject is one paper and for other subjects, two paper.The full score of each subject paper and the test duration are: Chinese 120 points, the test duration is 150 minutes;Math 120, 120 minutes;120 points for English (30 points for listening) and 120 minutes for the test;Physics 80, 80 minutes;Ethics and the Rule of law 80 points, 80 minutes;Chemistry 60 points, 60 minutes;History 60 minutes, exam 60 minutes.60 points are recorded into the total score of the physical health examination, which is included in the total score of the junior middle school academic level examination and used as a scoring subject for the enrollment of high school students.The physical and chemical experiment operation value is 10 points, the examination duration is 15 minutes, the specific method of the examination is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant documents of the provincial Department of Education.Grade 8 students’ computer-based it test and biology lab test were completed in May.Grade 9 physics and Chemistry lab operations exams are completed in May.Physical Education and Health field exams for Grade 9 students were completed in May.The sat results are presented in the form of scores and grades.The test scores are divided into four grades: A(excellent), B(good), C(qualified) and D(failed).Grade C or above (including GRADE C) is required for junior high school students to graduate.Our province requests, the examination proposition should exert the examination evaluation to the primary and secondary school education and teaching reform, standardizes the running of school, promotes the student all-round development and the healthy growth of the scientific guidance function.Adhere to the national curriculum standards for all subjects (revised edition in 2011) as the basis of propositions, strict academic standards, improve the quality of propositions.Combined with the practical teaching junior high school education in our province, as a whole to grasp the nature of the test and positioning, change the relative curing proposition forms, the exploratory, the openness, improve comprehensive test scale, actively explore interdisciplinary proposition, by optimizing the formulation to guide students to reduce rote learning and “mechanical brush the topic” phenomenon, highlight the test students’ comprehensive quality.Source: Xi ‘an net V, the first news editor: Zhang MAO Responsible editor: Yue Fengli