Opening words | Beijing Winter Olympic Games open tonight: the world together to the future

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The Chinese athletes are ready.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off on The evening of February 4.For the first time in history, the summer and winter Olympic Games will be held in the same city. It will also be the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19.In this context, for the next 16 days and nights, the eyes of the world will be fixed on Beijing and China.The successful hosting of the Winter Olympics is not only a perfect answer for China at present, but also answers a question about the long-term development of mankind. As the slogan of the Winter Olympics “Together for the Future” describes, “Only when the whole world unites to overcome difficulties can we create a bright future together.”Miracle!That was the word International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach used to describe preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics one year before the start of the countdown, when all the competition venues and supporting infrastructure were completed.As the epidemic continues to ravage the world, China, as the most effective country in epidemic prevention and control, has made continuous preparations for the Winter Olympics with unrelenting efforts and standards. Today, with the opening of the Winter Olympics, Beijing is welcoming all guests with its best attitude and fulfilling its solemn commitment to the international community.Christoph Duby, executive Director of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Department, who entered the closed loop early, said that China’s “dynamic zero-out” policy on novel Coronavirus had created excellent conditions for the safe holding of the Winter Olympics.Athletes and staff from all countries also said frankly, “I feel very safe here.”George Hessler, a senior International communications strategy expert from the United States, also said that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will undoubtedly reinforce the idea that events can be held safely during the pandemic.What makes the Olympic Games the greatest sporting event is that they unite mankind in a common bond of friendship and peace through sport to create a better world.The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has further highlighted this spirit. The epidemic is like a yardstick to measure a country’s determination and action in the face of difficulties.The Beijing Winter Olympics are an expression of China’s hard and soft power and global vision, and an inspiration to the whole world.The picture shows a poster for the Winter Olympics produced by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio. The animated characters were featured in the studio’s winter Olympics promotional video.Back on July 20th last year, the 138th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held in Tokyo, Japan officially adopted a resolution to add “More United” into the Olympic motto. Since then, the Olympic motto has changed into “Faster, Higher, Stronger, More United”, which is the enrichment and development of the Olympic spirit in the special period.The Beijing Winter Olympics, “Together for the Future”, embodies this profound concept and value.Bach now stressed that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is an important moment that will bring the world together in a spirit of peace, friendship and unity.By hosting the Winter Olympics, Beijing will open a new chapter in Olympic history, becoming the first city to host both summer and Winter Games.While the 2008 Beijing Olympics left a rich legacy for China and the world, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will usher in a new era.Samaranch Jr., chairman of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee’s Coordination commission for the Beijing Winter Olympics, visited Beijing in 2008 and the Games are still an unforgettable memory in his mind.”The grand and well-organised opening ceremony showed the world the ceiling of creativity and execution.Whenever I recall that glorious summer, many scenes come to mind.I still remember the slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was’ One World, One Dream ‘.In 2022, I believe Beijing will surprise the world again.”It can be predicted that with the use of beautiful venues such as “Ice Ribbon” and “Snow Ruyi”, the comprehensive promotion of cloud broadcasting technology, and the realization of carbon neutrality…A series of details will make the Beijing Winter Olympics a beacon in Olympic history.Beijing Winter Olympics is a high-tech Winter Olympics, but also a green Winter Olympics, will become the Olympic movement to promote sustainable development of the city model.Luo Zhihwan, China’s world speed skating champion, carries the Olympic flame.As the Beijing Winter Olympics begin, it’s worth looking back at the growth of snow and ice sports in China over the past few years – a growth spurt in the run-up to and after the successful bid.In January this year, the General Administration of Sport of China commissioned the National Bureau of Statistics to carry out a statistical survey of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, which showed that 346 million people participated in ice and snow sports, with a participation rate of 24.56%. China has achieved the goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”.What kind of boost will such a large number of participants and the rapid growth of the industry have to the global ice sports?”The Beijing Winter Olympics will open a new era for global winter sports,” Bach said.China is now a major country in ice and snow sports, and this is the beginning of a new era for ice and snow sports worldwide.”Editor: Kong Ming source: