Nezha’s car user service system has been upgraded again after 22 stores in 20 cities launched simultaneously

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On February 19, nezha opened 22 direct stores in 20 first – and second-tier cities at the same time. Nezha will enjoy further upgraded direct store services in more regions, and the user experience will be new and upward.This is also the largest joint opening of direct stores nationwide since the establishment of Nezha Automobile brand, which once again confirms the market’s recognition and expectation of Nezha Automobile.Up to now, Nezha has opened more than 80 direct stores in 28 cities, covering 100% of provinces and first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities in China.The total opening of 22 stores in 20 cities is the further implementation of Nezha’s direct-sale store strategy. The user service system of Nezha includes the drastic upgrade of the number and service level of direct-sale stores.It is expected that by the end of 2022, the number of nezha directly owned stores will increase to 122, laying a solid foundation for nezha to realize the goal of launching nezha S and launching nezha S into the city in 2022.Mr. Hu Enping, Executive Vice President of Nezha Automobile Marketing Company and Ms. Wu Hong, Vice President of Nezha Automobile Trading Company attended the opening ceremony of the user center of Nezha’s Chengdu Longtan Direct store.The sales volume of Nezha’s auto products has exploded, and its services have been continuously increased, aiming to provide users with the best experience.Among them, directly operated stores are a great innovative service tool for Nezha to implement the development concept of “user-centered”.In 2020, Nezha started the strategy of setting up direct-sale stores in the first and second tier cities. In recent years, it has accelerated its implementation and set up comprehensive direct-sale stores in well-known business districts, so that consumers can enjoy the car service and car-owning life more conveniently and safely.Since the opening of the first Nezha direct store in Shanghai Hongqiao in April 2020, nezha has opened 4 direct stores on average every month in 22 months. The service quality has been continuously iterating, delivering surprises to users and promoting the brand upgrade.Nezha Automobile provides users with such services as new car door-to-door test drive, door-to-door delivery, car security, door-to-door rescue, free electricity charging, life co-creation in Natiejia, dynamic and immersive experience at the end of the shop, bringing unified standards and first-class car life services to consumers.The newly opened Nezha auto stores are divided into two types: experience center and user center, with the main functions of “experience” and “delivery” services respectively.It is worth mentioning that in the opening of 22 directly operated stores, the user center reached 16.Nezha’s car user center, with larger space, provides diversified services for users.So far, Nezha’s car user centers cover 22 cities.In the future, Nezha cars will speed up the layout of user centers.The core element of Nezha’s development has always been to create together with customers.At the opening ceremony of the direct-sale store, Nezha Automobile invited Netie Home to enter the direct-sale store, providing refreshing and fun experience for the guests.Nezha is committed to creating a win-win situation with users.With the original intention of “sincerely creating with Users of Nezha, building user network channels and creating a win-win situation”, Nezha Home is a user rights and interests sharing platform built by Nezha for car owners.The rights and interests of Nezha Home platform are provided by owners from all walks of life, and other owners can participate in sharing after redeeming points in the mall.At the same time, It is also the activity base, network channel and information exchange center for Ne Zha owners.The construction of Nezha Home platform has deepened the link between Nezha’s cars and users.For the owners, what they choose is not only an intelligent pure electric car, but also a young and energetic lifestyle.Owners of Nezha who own or operate physical businesses before February 28 can apply for registration on the APP.In the future, Nezha Will rely on the user center to set up an open sharing and cooperative experience space, realize life co-creation with Nezha Home, and build its directly operated stores into a Home of intelligence and provide all-round services for Nezha.Since 2021, Nezha has witnessed rapid development and outstanding market performance.Nezha will deliver 69,674 cars in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 362%, ranking firmly in the first camp of new car manufacturing forces.In January 2022, Nezha delivered 11,009 vehicles, ranking among the “10,000-unit monthly sales club” for three consecutive months.Products with a better understanding of user needs are the cornerstone of Nezha’s outstanding performance in the market, while directly operated stores with better user experience are the key to its outstanding performance in the market.With the direct operation of Nezha automobile, nezha brand and its boutique models such as Nezha V, NEzha V Pro and NEzha U Pro have been well known and recognized by consumers.With the opening of 22 stores in 20 cities, Nezha’s market radiation will be further enhanced, user service level will be further improved, and more consumers will be provided with smart and green travel experience.