Is it reasonable that art will be good?

2022-05-23 0 By

There is a famous line in ancient Chinese poetry, “Art will be good”, which sounds very realistic and worthy of belief.A real survey will prove this judgment in its results.In most cases, the “art nerd” is “skilled”.But sometimes it is different, “art crazy” is not necessarily “skill will be good”.The level of performing arts ultra high “art crazy skills will be good”, in line with most of the artists from the actual art, skills are very exquisite, exquisite degree and the degree of ignorance is proportional to.These artists have been practicing since childhood for years, and as a result, they have acquired good habits and maintained good skills for a long time.To be an artist in a certain field.People who have fallen in love with an art since childhood are not guided by family members or teachers, but are infatuated with a certain art, such as painting, drama, song and so on.He was so hungry and thirsty that he forgot to eat and forget everything. As a result, he became an excellent artist.This fulfilled the experience of the ancients, “art crazy skill will be good”.Recognized beauty in the world and art chi with today’s scientific words, is a person who has artistic talent, in a young age to show the potential has, through the development of xu Good inducement, the result becomes a talent at one stroke.This is exactly what the ancients said, “art will be good”.However, it is not necessarily true, love a certain art, infatuated, but there is no talent, with two hundred strength, always do not enter the door of art also some people, this is not “art crazy skills will be good”.(Recognition please pay attention to, thank you).