Hot eyes live for what?You can’t sell online without a bottom line

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Live attract powder hot eyes online selling goods without the bottom line dirty language full screen fly ethics and morality regardless of laws and regulations throw aside waiting for you is not only the netizens spit and legal punishment “old iron rocket brush up, as long as I PK win, want to see what exciting can, anchor must meet everyone’s requirements.””Brothers give me a little praise, I this product is immortal, eat once effect.”Attract traffic, all kinds of show, malignant PK, violation of public order and good customs, ignoring laws and regulations…Attract traffic, all kinds of show, malignant PK, violation of public order and good customs, ignoring laws and regulations…Attract traffic, all kinds of show, malignant PK, violation of public order and good customs, ignoring laws and regulations…Recently, ningxia Central Defense Network security police found in the work, some anchors in the live broadcast room in order to win attention, get rewards, repeatedly use vulgar language abuse others, even published pornographic comments, causing a large number of netizens to watch, causing bad influence.Comments exaggerating the effects of drugs on others peaked at nearly 4,000 viewers in the studio.In view of the serious impact of his behavior on public order, social morality and Internet order, zhongwei public security authorities summoned him in accordance with the law.After interrogation, the netizen confessed to using vulgar obscene words to sell “aphrodisiac health care products” in the live broadcast.According to the provisions of article 68 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration and Punishment, the administrative penalty of a fine of 500 yuan was decided.Bad PK for suction powder on March 6, ningxia central it team found in the work of the city public security bureau, a host in one platform live even many usability hints in wheat PK and foul language, and after their victory in PK anchorwoman punishment do indecent behaviour, explicit vulgar, refresh the ethical floor, caused netizens to onlookers, reviews.The public security bureau of Zhongwei summoned him in accordance with the law in view of his bad behavior, which seriously affected public order, social morality and network order.After reprimanding and education, the host has realized his mistake and immediately deleted the contents of the live broadcast on that day, and promised that such situation will not happen again in the future live broadcast.With the development of the Internet, the network performance industry represented by live broadcasting has become a phenomenon in the Internet industry and gradually stepped into the era of the whole people.However, all anchors should consciously accept the constraints of law and morality when they swim the network.Although the Internet is virtual, its consequences are real.Those who go off the rails in order to attract more attention and act weirdly will be severely punished by the law.The police warned that vulgar live broadcasting would affect the civilized environment of the network, even damage the image of the city, infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, shock the correct values and poison the youth.Netizens are urged to abide by laws and regulations, regulate online behavior, and consciously resist actions that harm Internet civilization, go against Internet morality, and harm Internet harmony.Any serious violations and disregard of the law will be dealt with in accordance with the law.