10 moments from the Beijing Olympics that Brought tears to your eyes

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Beijing Olympics closing more than 10 days of the time we’ve seen struggle and transcendence and witnessed the laughter and tears is worth forever inside and outside the field site of some of the broken the moment one moving story (a) at the opening ceremony the snowboarders tessa maude with mobile phone records of a moving video she volunteers on the sidelines Shouting “hello” in Chinese volunteers waved to her enthusiasmDuring the Winter Olympics, this 18-year-old girl who loves food and travel was moved again and again in China, which became an unforgettable memory in her life. “I can’t wait to go back to China and travel around China.”Foreign athletes in Beijing, “friends” fancy thumb up games let the world see the real China (2) on February 5th, curling mixed doubles combination LingZhi round robin China, Fan Su round defeat to the portfolio page singh, two Chinese players after the game pulis planted two boxes of ice mound mound badge given the move the rival was touched by the American players call “SoCool “(cool), then two people in a social media print said very honored to receive this gift.” this is the perfect embodiment of sports spirit “LingZhi and Fan Su round after received the player in return small ice mound mound badge link up with the interaction of the two-way to love precious (3) the games in the competition to have such a woman not because golden don’t concernBecause appearance but her body is sending out the Olympic spirit she is German speed skating legend “skating grandma” Claudia page when he won five gold MEDALS to break a world record this is his eighth Olympics turns 50, she is the oldest female games players despite her performance in the 3000 m speed skating that rolled into last place but sheBut very happy with a smile, “I am glides across the finish line” li-an your costraint this upstream insisted that people deeply touched as palin when Mr Because said “my legs is old but still young” hail to the persistence of veteran insist on dream forever young (4) on February 6th slide end of men’s singles third round Georgian player saba, Mali tower Willie clenched fistHead looked up to the sky then relieved even if his final ranking is 31 – this is a fight fear the family 12 years ago the story of the glory of Israel’s cousin dahl, Mali, Mr Willie accidentally killed during a training session at that time from the vancouver winter Olympics opening ceremony is less than 6 hours north darfur, Mali, Mr Saba willy (figure) 12 years later on the Beijing Olympics gameField completed cousin wish also achieved his dream of “I will never forget that thing is happening on the 2010 vancouver winter Olympics but darfur brings me not only sadness more power is so now I ability is qualified to stand in the winter games” because of love so insisted he embarks from the sadness in your dream in Beijing to continue this is the most true Olympic spiritFootnote (5) in all of the men’s 1000 m short track speed skating finals Wu Dajing behind him gently touched his hand to all go first as the event’s world record holder Wu Dajing originally there is a lot of hopes but a recall in the game of heavy sliding let he cantered this case Wu Dajing while stuck rival motioned for all rushed up to and eventually receivedAfter the gold medal in the wire interview Wu Dajing said, “protecting Ren Ziwei is like changing life!”Success don’t have to be in my work as I must be the Chinese short track speed skating team in action showing the Olympic spirit of solidarity, excellence (6) on February 10, figure skating men’s free skate and Japan’s feather raw strings in 21) played the opening of the first action and feather raw string just chose the axel jump (4 a) but I can’t control the center of gravity for landing fall “4 a neverPeople succeed no one knows how to succeed, sometimes I also think might be nobody can success “as the most difficult in figure skating, after a jumps never have athletes during the race to finish but he chose to try and challenge a great breakthrough the limit of their success is not defined climb the more mountain is the real charm of athletic sports (7) short track speed skatingChinese players after the women’s 3000 meters relay group A final new fan can not leave the field but on his knees and kiss kiss ice ice after she got up with A smile out from sochi fell out of the track to pyeongchang winter games was sentenced to foul to Beijing Olympics gains A new Jin Yitong fan can give oneself made satisfactory answer the once fell to the ground after the girl has grown into A SOBA seasoned veteran in the competitive growth in failure secondary to conventional sweat will produce ideal flowers (eight) on February 14, in the freestyle ski slope obstacle skills competition team player GuAiLing first appearance in the whole tension uniform moment this confident on the pitch handsome optimistic girl open carry a plastic bag to eat up the “leek box” for the heart”Genius girl in the Olympics for the Chinese team scored two gold and skiing for GuAiLing bring her happiness may be more than the gold medal of the meaning of love of the sport and life gives the girl endless strength and infinite could easily play superego GuAiLing enjoy games not only in the technology more wins in the attitude of (9) on February 14, freestyle skiing women’s emptyIn the skills final “four veteran” Xu Mengtao won the gold medal “Taotao, Olympic champion!”(” Peach, Olympic champion!”I’m so proud of you!”(” I’m so proud of you!”) in Xu Mengtao sure win the gold medal after the United States athletes ASHLEY Caldwell rushed up and hugged each other tightly with the excited Xu Mengtao side close to call her “peach peach” congratulated her won the Olympic champion in his hometown is rival, is also a friend a brave man of kinship between touching experienced opponent just know each other more efforts and adhere to the Olympics,Not just the Olympic gold medal,Good (10) if the surprised hong wan if flying flowing attired February 19 SuiWenJing and Han Cong amaze the world with perfect performance of the two pair of ice skates fifteen years of flowers and applause unwilling and tears together two people stay together, support each other through many difficult days at the moment thousands of words into a deep hug pyeongchang winter Olympics four years ago they only a weak difference with 0.43 points”This is the glory of figure skating,” said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, who witnessed China’s return to the top in pairs.You will always be each other’s champion.Xinhua has too many moving moments that make this winter we are touched, motivated after “00” blockbuster veterans upstream of competitive sports to human shining glory this winter we use the Olympic flame lit the torch of the heart selfless every challenge every past source of breakthrough is the power of the human life cycle:Xinhua Wechat (ID: XinhuashefabU1) Reporter: Dynasty Photography: Fei Maohua, Xue Yuge, Wu Wei, Liu Xu, Sun Fei, Yao Jianfeng, Xiong Qi, Zhu Zheng, Li Yibo, Ju Huanzong, Wu Zhuang, Cao Can, Wang Yuguo, Li Ga. internship: Ma Ruyue Source: Xinhua News Agency