Zhanyi built 50 emergency drought relief projects to ensure water supply

2022-05-22 0 By

In 2021, the annual precipitation of Zhanyi District is 31% less than the average over the years, and the water storage of the district reservoir and dam pond only accounts for 58% of the planned water storage.In view of the severe situation of fighting drought and ensuring water supply, Zhanyi District has accelerated the development of urban water supply infrastructure projects and rural water supply guarantee special action projects. At the same time, it has raised funds from various parties to start the implementation of 50 drought emergency projects to ensure people’s water demand.Maintain water supply equipment.Photo by Zhu Hansen Hu Menggen on January 29, panjiang town Wujiazhuang village, district, town water department technicians and construction personnel are laying pipes, installation interface.”Due to the lack of rain and drought in 2021, the original drinking water source in our village dried up, making drinking water difficult for some people.After the superior departments understand the situation, the first time to survey and design, arrange the project, the construction staff work overtime to grab the project progress, to help solve the problem of drinking water difficulties in our village.”Wujiazhuang village party general branch secretary Guitengyong excitedly said.Ma Ke, director of panjiang Water affairs Bureau, said the project in Wujiazhuang village is one of 50 emergency drought relief projects in Zhanyi district, and will be completed before the Spring Festival to ensure normal water use.Since the start of the 2021 flood season, zhanyi District has planned and made arrangements in advance for possible water use difficulties in winter and spring, and formulated water storage schemes of “one reservoir, one policy” for reservoir projects of different sizes, types, dam types, working conditions and different regions.To guide and help each township (town, street) to take a series of practical measures such as saving water, protecting water, diverting water, drawing water, transferring water, holding water and so on to increase the storage of reservoir and pond, and strive for more storage and good water storage.In accordance with the principle of “living before production”, measures shall be taken according to local conditions and in accordance with different types of policies. Emergency water supply plans shall be independently formulated for centralized water supply projects of more than 1,000 rural residents, and emergency water supply plans shall be formulated by village committees (neighborhood committees) for centralized water supply projects of less than 1,000 rural residents, and emergency measures shall be put forward to ensure water supply for the whole township (town and neighborhood).Form district, township (town, street), village (residence), group four linkage water supply guarantee scheme.Drought emergency project construction.In order to accurately ensure people’s demand for water, and in accordance with the priority of water supply, Zhanyi District has accelerated the implementation of 50 drought emergency projects since January 2022, sparing no effort to solve the urgent need of drinking water safety for 49,700 people in 48 villages.By the end of January, 10 of the 50 projects had been completed, 13 were under implementation, and 27 were ready to start.In the implementation of the drought emergency project at the same time, the district, township and village levels organize personnel to focus on the main water pipe network and household pipe network to carry out inspection, reinforcement and repair, combined with the amount of water supply equipment for regular maintenance.We will intensify publicity on water conservation, encourage the general public to consciously form a good habit of planning, saving and recycling water, and make full, active and good use of the limited water resources to ensure the normal demand for water for People’s Daily life.Zhu Hansen hu Menggen