When cooking, don’t use garlic in these 5 situations!People often make mistakes. No wonder the food is not good

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Guide language: when cooking, encounter these 5 kinds of circumstances do not put garlic!When it comes to garlic, some people like it and some people don’t like it. People who like it can eat raw garlic and noodles without dishes, and people who don’t like it don’t eat it when they see garlic in the food. I don’t know which category you belong to?I think anyone who knows how to cook loves garlic, and it’s always around the house, just in case you need it at any time.In fact, many delicious dishes are inseparable from garlic, such as well-known garlic and oily dishes, steamed scallops with garlic fans, garlic fish and so on. Garlic is delicious enough with garlic, but it would be a thousand miles away without garlic.Does garlic taste so good that you can use it in everything you cook?Of course, the answer is no, no matter how good the condiment is, it must be used in the right place, so as to give full play to its value, otherwise it is easy to make failed dishes.When cooking, don’t use garlic in these 5 situations!People often make mistakes. No wonder the food is not good.Here I would like to share with you which 5 kinds of dishes should not be mixed with garlic. If you do it right, it will be better in the future.Take a look.A did not put the garlic garlic, mix the stuffing can give food flavouring, but it doesn’t fit into the stuffing, especially when making this kind of food, don’t put the garlic, because this kind of food is filling in a closed environment, garlic, after put in will seriously affect the flavor of the fillings, let people eat up is very strange, so like to eat garlic, can do the dip alone,It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong.Two, when cooking seafood, do not put garlic, such as boiled shrimp, boiled prawns, do not put garlic when making this kind of dishes, this is because seafood has its unique taste, eat seafood to eat its fresh fragrance, if added garlic cooked together, it will affect the taste of seafood.Remember to cook seafood with ginger, not garlic.Some people do steamed fish do not know not to put garlic, they will habitually put some, thinking that doing so can make steamed fish more delicious, the result is put after a counter-effect, not delicious.When making steamed fish, only three ingredients are enough, namely ginger, green onion and steamed fish to eat fish. With these three ingredients, steamed fish is extremely delicious.Four, do sweet and sour dishes can not put garlic sweet and sour dishes taste very unique, sour and sweet, eat different, this kind of dish is not suitable for garlic, because put more will change the taste, put less to eat garlic, so it is better not to put, keep doing other dishes.Five, clear stew can not put garlic like stew fish soup, stew ribs soup, stew chicken soup and so on, these cases can not put garlic, if put it will affect the taste of the soup, only put ginger and green onion is enough, to the fishy increase fragrance and won’t grab the flavor, can taste the original aroma of the ingredients, so it is better to do.Knowing that you can’t put garlic in these five dishes, what can you put garlic in?There are a lot of answers. Here are some common ones.1, do home cooking chicken need to put garlic, not only to put more, in addition to garlic, and pepper, dried pepper should be put in, so that it can be rich and fragrant, such as potato stew chicken, mushroom stew chicken.2, make when it needs garlic, salad share a universal cold juice, bowl put garlic, millet pepper circle, soon, coriander, white sesame seeds, scallions, heat oil poured into the bowl, inspire fragrance after add salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, stir well, it is ok to adjust the taste, no matter what salad is appropriate.3, stir-fry vegetables need to put garlic, the taste of green vegetables is very light, put the garlic fragrant can add flavor to green vegetables.4, when frying meat, you need to put garlic, such as twice-cooked pork, fried pork, etc., garlic is more fragrant.5. Specialize in garlic-based dishes such as minced chicken wings, minced scallops with minced garlic vermiculture, minced broccoli, minced mushroom, etc.Once the garlic is minced, divide it into two parts. Place one part in a bowl and let soak for 10 minutes. Then strain and set aside.Add oil in the wok, heat up to 50%, put the minced garlic into the wok, low heat until golden brown, turn off the heat and pour in the other half of the minced garlic, stir well, the minced garlic is ready for cooking.There’s a lot you can do with garlic, but don’t mess with it. You got that?Do not do the right words to correct in time, can improve the level of cooking.My share is over here, like me, please follow me.