Into the application of the universe, brands and semiconductor industry to attack virtual business opportunities

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Meta-universe has become the most popular term in the second half of 2021, and the market is optimistic that this year is the first year of meta-universe application. Not only the brand technology factory and semiconductor chip enterprise are eager to try, but also the following section of sealed test manufacturers are deployed in advance to attack the new business opportunities of mixed reality and extended reality equipment into the virtual world.Major tech companies such as Meta, Microsoft and Google are rushing to create hybrid reality (MR) and extended reality (XR) immersive experiences that combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the metasexes, and it is expected that the theme will continue to grow in popularity this year.Apple’s AR and MR headsets will be delayed until the end of this year, according to analyst 𠓹 of Sky Wind International Securities, who expects shipments in the first quarter of 2023Supply chain players, including Qualcomm, TSMC, Xinxing, Yujingguang and Jabil, have emerged.The company pointed out that Apple has been in AR hardware and software layout for many years, and has taken a firm lead in the three domains of metaverse related hardware and operating system, underlying architecture, content and scene.Non-apple major manufacturers are also actively deploying AR and VR related devices. In addition to HTC, DigiTimes Research points out that China’s OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, SONY and other major manufacturers are also actively deploying all kinds of AR and VR devices and wearable smart glasses.Chip makers are also jumping into the metasomes. Graphics chip designer Nvidia last year announced Omniverse, a chip platform for the metasomes, to connect 3D worlds to shared virtual worlds, according to Nvidia.Processor chip maker Intel is also expected to launch a slew of new graphics processors in the first quarter of this year, making a foray into the metasverse.Analysts estimate that current chip computing power needs to increase by a factor of 1,000 to meet the demand for high-performance computing in the metasexes.In addition to brand enterprises and chip factories, semiconductor after sealing test factory is not absent.Xin-ky, the module sealing factory of The system invested by Hon Hai Group, cooperated with the customer to package the products related to the universe this year. The ultra-high speed 800G entered the sample stage last year and planned to reach the mass production standard this year.The company pointed out that the main customers of xIN-KY optical communication module include Cisco, Amazon and Meta.Chinese probe connector products are also entering into the application of the meta-universe, including headsets and smart glasses.The company pointed out that the probe connector indirectly cuts into the meta-universe product supply chain.IC packaging factory Lingsheng said that artificial intelligence and the cosmological issues are hot, lingsheng attaches importance to the layout of 5G, Wi-Fi 6, automotive, third-generation semiconductor and other packaging requirements in product applications.In addition, Rhombotrin also enhances the optical and memS sensor assembly layout.Nanelectric, a major IC carrier, has also entered into applications related to AR and VR devices in the metasverse. It is estimated that driven by the metasverse application, the sales of system-level packaging (SiP) carrier will continue to grow in the future.The industrial Fulian of Hon Hai group focuses on the three major fields of enterprise metauniverse, mobile metauniverse and social metauniverse. Metauniverse infrastructure projects have stable customers, and related graphics processor products are exported to the global market.Industrial Fulink pointed out that the infrastructure related to the meta-universe includes 5G, Wi-Fi 6, smart home, sensors and other products, and has stable large customers;In addition, GPU products for professional workstations, desktops, mobile devices, augmented reality, virtual reality and game consoles are shipped to global markets.Yang Qixin, an industry analyst at the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology International Strategy Development, said that AUGMENTED reality and virtual reality are key equipment to connect the world of the meta-universe, and AR and VR devices drive the advancement of various sensing components and highly heterogeneous integrated system-level packaging (SiP) technology.Futures pointed out that the semiconductor industry will be driven by the application of metasexes because the virtual world and the real world will be highly dependent on the performance of semiconductor computing and high-speed network coverage with low latency. The operating equipment used by consumers will play an important role, and the demand for semiconductor chips will be greatly driven by infrastructure and operating interfaces.Yang Qixin analysis, electronic contract manufacturing service (EMS) manufacturers integrate packaging and testing plants for highly heterogeneous integration of system-level packaging, miniaturization of various sensing components, MCU, memory and other integrated into the miniaturization equipment, which also tests the miniaturization ability of packaging and testing plants.(Created by Freepik)