Healing sky

2022-05-22 0 By

I’m selling sunsets and you shower them on me like a god. If you walk out of the car to meet the light, I’ll run and hug you. The world will be lit up and the sky will be blue, the clouds will be unstained, the distant mountains will be warm with the wind.Love deeply, rain, days are endless endless.High – rise looks at a special liking, looking forward to spring, summer and autumn and winter.Look forward to looking forward to looking forward to endless, where the end of the world is hong.A body that can raise the moon must withstand countless sunsets.Mirror on the water chestnut flower, beauty embrace dressing, pick a flower, temple pressure, just red sun attached to the west hill, saw the moon and according to the window screen, cup in who, think he and I hate him, all don’t read slave home youth seventeen eight.Slavish mind such as hemp, and clothes pillow bite broken silver teeth, since greed flowers, don’t worry about the slave, hand on the chin whispered curse.Where is the idle with people, long for a long time to return, come back quickly, slave and you hold the fragrant tea, we two people on two words of confidence.Outside the window by wind bursts of disorderly blow, on the wind moth to throw down the lamp, shanshan tears like hemp, reflecting wet xiangluo pa, red embroidered shoes son accounted for the ghost gua.