For the second time, James has won with efficiency and change, and the lakers are starting to feel more normal

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I don’t know if there is a sense that the lakers have become so comfortable with each other that some of the contradictions have been replaced by another harmony.From this game against the Nets, we saw the overall atmosphere of the Lakers improved, and this improved even more than the jazz.If the promotion of the Jazz has a heroic spirit, but against the Nets this game, the lakers’ promotion is a bit of a natural meaning.Speaking of which, let’s start with the lakers’ problems.The biggest problem is the defensive problem, and thus the offensive problem caused by the poor fitness of the players.The defensive problems were evident early in the season because they didn’t have many good defensive players.Without a good lone guard, plus a structure with too many guards and too few forwards, the lakers can’t develop a good defense.In their championship season, they could build a top-tier defensive system with Danny Green and Chris Pope on the perimeter, Davis inside and James up front.But with the lakers’ current structure, it’s almost as if defense has never been taken seriously, so defensive problems are perfectly normal.In addition, James’ injury, Davis’ injury, James’ defensive choices on the court and Westbrook’s bad defensive habits all interrelated and set a bad tone for each other, causing the team to struggle defensively.How to solve the problem of defense, except to improve the morale of everyone’s defense, there is no other good way.It depends on the way the coaching staff and the stars lead the team, and it is most important to keep everyone together.The offense can actually improve the defense as well. When the offense is very fluid, it counterbalances the rhythm of the opponent, which in turn helps the defense.The lakers’ offense has also been hampered by injuries and run-ins, which have come and gone together.It’s impossible for stars to fail if they work together, and James and Westbrook have a lot of inadequateness as ball-handling centers, but their efforts are obvious.James’s effort was to improve his involvement on the off-ball end, improve his shooting and fast-break efficiency, and get as much done with as few possessions as possible.That’s what he’s done all his life, and you can always trust James for that.Westbrook’s effort, on the other hand, was to reduce his ball handling while increasing his poise and reducing his turnovers.That helped the lakers improve on turnovers and helped him find a better rhythm.The only regret is that the lakers can’t match westbrook’s quickness.When opponents can’t match Westbrook’s quickness, teammates can double-team westbrook’s ball. Westbrook’s ball handling is not known to have top variety and his shot is not consistent, so it works.Opponents will often set this trap, which is a way to split the lakers offense.The solution is for the lakers to try to help Westbrook as much as possible — create a hierarchy of offense that makes it harder for opponents to double westbrook.Another option would be for Westbrook to slow down.However, the latter relative to the former, lost too much possibility, the Lakers still need to grasp more fast break opportunities.From Westbrook’s perspective, working with James as quickly as possible on the fast break is the best thing to do, because James leads the league in fast breaks.James’ defense has been criticized in the past, but in the grand scheme of things, his defense has been on target, with precise calculations that have kept his stamina and his team’s winning percentage at 50 percent.In a lineup without Davis, that was enough.With Davis sidelined, James led the way, scoring more than 30 points a game and being the only reliable player with the least problems of any Laker.At age 37, leading the lakers’ offense and defense is already one of the best in history. Who can do that?If it weren’t for James’ scoring, the rest of the Lakers could have theoretically stepped up and in practice probably led to more confusion.It’s an untested theory, and James’ point control is the best it’s been recognized as since he entered the league.So it is logical for others to play along with James, not logical for the Lakers to create their own logic to break James’ dominance.When Westbrook or any other ball handler is on the floor, James’ role as a scorer is also more important than the ball handler.No matter who has the ball, James’ role as the leading scorer is unlikely to change, so the logic of ball control is to help James play a better scoring offense.Against Utah, James trusted the ball handler on the outside when he was loose on the wing and pressed him hard on the defensive end.It was a change after his apology, and the lakers’ energy has increased significantly.Against the Nets, James increased his efficiency, guarded key players, dominated the game with defense, and finally managed to make a sound, rational, long-term play.James is the heart of everything for the Lakers, and no one can replace him.