Chapter 782 The Plan of Tang SAN (I)

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Chapter 782: Tang SAN’s Plan (I) “Mistake, Mistake.””I’m sorry, maybe we were in a bit of a hurry, so I couldn’t control it.”In the face of beauty childe’s complaint, tang three slightly apologetic is said.Yes, it turns out that they did not transmit according to the “coordinates” that had already been established, but just slightly off.However, for the final destination, two people or not half of the unexpected completely come, because that only exclusive ancestral court can unique “breath of life” has been toward their two people in the “blow on the face”.Beauty childe: “have no matter, be next time pay attention to.””Well -” tang three nodded, and then is deeply in place to take a breath, feeling that only ancestral exclusive unique breath into the body, he even a little can not help but directly toward the sky cry: “Ancestral court, I came back.”But his inner reason eventually forced him to suppress the thought, after all, if he did so, perhaps unexpected “things” would happen.”Brother, then follow your plan?I’ll wait for your signal, okay?!”At this time, the voice of the Beautiful childe is once again rang up.”Yes, yes, you stay where you are, wait for my signal, I say you can come in, you come in, do not use space elements teleport in, but to come in big and square, must be to let them detect you, understand?!”Listen to the voice of the beautiful childe sounded, tang three also nodded “have a plan in mind” way back.The childe: “ok, I know, that you are careful, if anything is really touching, must first escape, don’t be caught, you don’t have to worry about me, even if I failed this time’s reporting on activities, they can’t do anything with me, because early is grandpa and through gas, he will protect me.””Ha ha, well, it looks like our little princess has finally learned to take advantage of the situation, but rest assured, I’m not going to let that happen, and in time, you’ll see why.””Well, then you wait for my signal where you are, I’m going.”Tang three finally smiled is ready to separate with the United States childe.”HMMM -” although the United States childe don’t understand tang three exactly from where the “confidence”, but she chose to believe, because in her heart, Tang three did not have any time is to let her down, she believes that this time will be so.”Shooo -” then, a burst of rich silver, quietly is once again from the foot of tang three emerged, not by cent is his whole person completely package coverage.Finally, break the air sound, tang three whole person is disappeared in the United States childe in front of.And when he shows his figure again, the person impressively has really entered the interior of the ancestral court, and the place where he appears is actually under the foot of a “emperor” holy mountain palace.What the hell is he doing?!Do you want to “fall into the trap”?!(To be continued)