Welfare home sympathy warm childlike innocence

2022-05-21 0 By

On January 27, volunteers from the Yanqi County Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation came to the county social welfare service center to visit the children living here and show them care.The volunteers brought school bags and various stationery for the children, and the children were very happy to receive the gifts. They performed for the volunteers. The dynamic dance made the scene burst into bursts of applause.After the performance, the volunteers cleaned up at the social welfare service center, carefully wiping every place, trying to create a clean and comfortable environment for the children.Wang Yongxiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yanqi County Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, said: “As the Spring Festival is approaching, we came to the welfare home to carry out volunteer service activities and send New Year gifts to the children to make them have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival.”(Shao Fanqi Turson Numti)