Unlock!Life in Zhangcun community resumed in an orderly manner

2022-05-21 0 By

On the morning of March 30, The zhangcun community of Zhonghanzhong Street, Laoshan District, which had been lifted from epidemic control, returned to normal, and the streets were filled with a breath of hopeful life.According to relevant regulations and the progress of laoshan District’s response to the epidemic, the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and control and Economic Operation under the coordination of Laoshan District Committee decided to lift the lockdown control and control measures in the containment areas, control areas and prevention areas under its jurisdiction from 0:00 on March 30.On the morning of March 30, the road in Zhangcun community became lively.Zhangcun community has resumed normal work and life after the closure, but residents should continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks, disinfection and ventilation, “one meter noodles”, scanning Qingdao “one code” in residential areas and public places, and measuring the temperature of bright code, so as to avoid people gathering together.The reporter’s field visit found that the road in the community on both sides of the lively, children in the roadside open space painting and playing, some stores have begun to operate.At the door of a steamed bread shop, the owner, Ms. Zhang, is busy washing the steamer, ready to resume work.The still under control community of Zhangcun on March 27.March 30th morning zhangcun community intersection.On March 27, the zhangcun community intersection was still under control.Ms. Zhang, who opened the steamed bread shop, will wash the steamer and get ready to start work.Laoshan four middle school he Yuting in the shop online class.Life in the community has returned to normal.The children are drawing pictures in the clearing by the roadside.