This Morning Post | Chongqing key STATE-OWNED enterprise director “salary slip” : the highest annual salary before tax 758,000 yuan

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With the further deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the income of the heads of state-owned enterprises is becoming more and more transparent.Recently, more than 30 key municipal state-owned enterprises in Chongqing have disclosed the annual salary of their leaders in 2020.Data show that the pre-tax payables (excluding insurance and provident fund, etc.) of the heads of State-owned enterprises in Chongqing are mainly between 400,000 yuan and 700,000 yuan.According to upstream news (please click on “read newspapers” or “service” on the chongqing commercial daily 2 version for more details) epidemic in guangxi native 54 cases of the new cases of reporters from 9 PM in debao county, guangxi baise COVID – 19 pandemic control press conference, on February 8, 12 until February 9, 12, guangxi native 54 cases of the new cases.As of midnight on February 9, 180 local confirmed cases had been reported in Guangxi.On February 9, a hot search topic was listed on the People’s Bank of China, the People’s Bank of China, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).The implementation of relevant regulations by financial institutions will not affect residents’ normal cash deposits and withdrawals, nor will the convenience of business be affected, said an official with the central bank.The chief said, under normal circumstances, financial institutions do not require customers to fill out information or provide proof materials, financial institutions directly to the customer after the simple ask understand cash access business and registration related situation, only found a reasonable reason to suspect that trading transaction apparently unusual, suspected of money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities, will be further information to the customer.Strengthening the management of cash withdrawal business is the requirement for financial institutions to fulfill their anti-money laundering obligations and conform to the international anti-money laundering standards.According to (please click “Read newspaper” or “service” to open the fourth edition of Chongqing Business Daily for more details)This year to carry out intervention has special action of unmarried people abortion, China’s family planning association’s website 2022 work key point of the China Family Planning Association (hereinafter referred to as the “work”), in 2022 to implement the reproductive health promotion action, focus on teenagers, and other specific people of childbearing age crowd reproductive health problems,A special campaign has been launched to intervene in induced abortion among unmarried people to reduce unwanted pregnancies and induced abortions among teenagers and improve the reproductive health of the people.Related articles, China’s induced abortion has three characteristics: a large number of repeated abortion accounted for a high proportion of young women who are not pregnant.The state Administration of Taxation (SAT) announced on Feb 9 that the annual settlement of individual income tax for 2021 will start on March 1 and expire on June 30.Taxpayers who need to handle tax during March 1-15 this year can make an appointment after February 16 (inclusive) through mobile personal income tax APP or website.From March 16 to June 30, taxpayers can handle the annual settlement at any time without making an appointment.According to the Beijing daily (please click on the “read newspapers” or “service” on the chongqing morning post 2 version for more details) seize every minute to open the new bureau | line 18, the lees Tuo double line of the Yangtze river bridge is expected by the end of the final closure of double line rail transit line no. 18 li Tuo Yangtze river bridge and existing the lees Tuo Yangtze river bridge, adjacent total length of 1306.2 meters, the main bridge 991.7 meters long,The main span is 454 meters with twin towers and cable-stayed planes.”The foundation and foundation construction of the bridge has been completed.”Gao Minghui, project manager of chongqing Rail Transit Line 18 civil engineering project of China Railway Bridge Bureau, told upstream news reporters Sunday that the bridge is expected to be closed by the end of this year.Rail transit line 18 is the backbone line of chongqing rail transit line network, starting from Fuhua Road station, and finally jumping dengnan station, with a total length of about 29 kilometers, with 19 stations, connecting Dadukou, Banan, Jiulongpo, Yuzhong District, etc., will greatly facilitate the citizens along the line to travel.According to upstream news of chongqing urban and rural residents of primary endowment insurance expends scale adjustment on February 9, upstream news reporter learns from the chongqing municipal revenue, according to the chongqing municipal human resources and social security bureau of chongqing city bureau of finance on adjusting the urban and rural residents of primary endowment insurance expends scale notice (chongqing SheFa [2022] no. 1) regulation, on January 1, 2022,Adjust the payment amount corresponding to each payment level of basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents in Our city.The notification shows,The annual payment level of basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents has been adjusted to: 200 yuan for the first grade, 300 yuan for the second grade, 400 yuan for the third grade, 500 yuan for the fourth grade, 600 yuan for the fifth grade, 700 yuan for the sixth grade, 800 yuan for the seventh grade, 900 yuan for the eighth grade, 1,000 yuan for the ninth grade, 1,500 yuan for the tenth grade, 2,000 yuan for the 11th grade, 3,000 yuan for the 12th grade and 400 yuan for the 13th grade0 yuan.In addition to the above 13 premium levels, 100 yuan per person per year is also available for people with disabilities of grade 1 or 2, such as severely disabled people, recipients of subsistence allowances, people who are extremely poor and those who return to poverty.According to upstream news (please click on the “read newspapers” or “services” to open the chongqing commercial daily 2 version for more details) to alleviate true offspring of tunnel of nanshan tunnel traffic Jiangnan tunnel is stepping up its construction on Feb. 9 in the morning, officially return to work, nanan distract of chongqing jiangnan builders worked at the scene of the tunnel entrance construction, is a scene of energy.Chongqing Jiangnan Tunnel project, contracted by China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau, starts from Furen Road, crosses Yanyu Road in Nan ‘an District, passes through tongluo Hill to the east after crossing track loop, and ends at xingtang Lijiao expressway with six vertical lines.According to the relevant person in charge of city construction bureau of housing in urban and rural areas, the jiangnan tunnel is completed, will further ease true offspring of tunnels, nan shan tunnel and four kilometers south interchange traffic pressure, at the same time to effectively play a role of chongqing station hub, to realize the nanping group, nanshan group with jiangnan new rapid transit is of great significance.Dadukou announced on its wechat official account that the yachen Mountain City Trail project of Chongqing Iron and Steel Group won the gold medal in the international Environmental art category of the 2022 Paris Design Awards.Chongqing steel line cliff mountain trails in the planning of the chongqing municipal government one of 60 key characteristics of mountain trails, covers an area of about 788000 ㎡, on the basis of the original cliff line park to deepen, make full use of the cliff in the view of jiang field advantage, unicom and riverside city, the city and the scattered tourism resources in series, combination of the old industrial area and the characteristics of mountain city,It is the first aerobic racetrack on the cliff line in the central city of Chongqing, which integrates cycling and walking, fully embodies the three-dimensional traffic characteristics of Chongqing.Rongfeng River in Rongchang, Chongqing, has been listed in the second “Most Beautiful Hometown River” list released by the Ministry of Water Resources recently.It is understood that Rongfeng River is a first class tributary of the Sexi River and a third class tributary of the Yangtze River, with a total length of 7.8km, including rivers, wetlands, river interchange, falling water and other water landscape resources.Since 2012, Rongchang has carried out comprehensive treatment of the river, creating a comprehensive project combining urban flood control, ecological and water environment improvement, sewage treatment and beautification of the city.Today, RongFeng river has become a set of hydrophilic, leisure, tourism, sports, science, education, business, holiday is a body comprehensive water conservancy scenic spot, has realized the “hills and green, clear water, blue sky and water in the city, city in the green, in the view of” people, water, city stay together and harmonious coexistence of urban water ecological livable environment.According to Hualong network wealth gu Ailing concept stocks and trading industry to remind calm observation On February 9, Yuanwang Valley trading again, holding Yuanwang Valley 70 thousand shareholders laugh miserable.In addition, serious Gu Ailing concept stock China move up in a row.Industry insiders said, the concept of digital economy was hot speculation, coupled with narrower performance losses, may be the reason for the yuan Wanggu trading, with Valley love Ling on the relationship is too far-fetched.China Mobile’s stock price surge occurred after the failure of the green shoe mechanism, which is related to many factors such as the substantial increase of the actual controller and the high expectation of the annual performance.From the perspective of the industry, the operator’s share price has been underestimated for a long time, and there is still a lot of pressure to improve the overall valuation.According to the upstream news page display (please click “read newspaper” or “service” to open the electronic version for details) editor | Xie Bing, Guo Juan mapping | Guo Juan