The second day of the year is the day to return home, what to eat is exquisite, might as well say the old tradition to the family

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Almost all Chinese festivals have a folk custom related to “eating”, such as dumplings for the Lantern Festival, moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival. These “diets” are extremely full of national characteristics, with numerous stories and historical legends, precipitation as a part of the Chinese civilization, especially the Spring Festival.Usually dumplings, rice cakes, dumplings, and hakka eat “粄” New Year, people eat “chicken” in hainan, and eat “food”, the day of the lunar New Year celebration is longer, “diet” in which also has different change, such as annual lunar calendar, is usually a day back, what to eat is to have cultured, respect the old traditions, understand the might as well say to family members listen to.What do you eat in the second day of the year?As the saying goes, “comfortable as backwards, but delicious dumplings, dumplings in Chinese minds, especially the eyes of the people of the north with the location of the lifting weight, dumplings and” jiaozi “harmonics, implication, lucky to meet the new era, dumplings shaped like a wing, have a fortune, happiness, eat dumplings bring happiness is no epicurean delicacies, big fish big meat can than,On the second day of the lunar New Year, dumplings are not the main character.On the second day of the lunar New Year, Chinese people traditionally eat noodles, which are thin and long and smooth to eat. People believe that eating noodles on the second day of the Lunar New Year means a smooth life and a long relationship.In addition, the first day to eat dumplings and the surface may still have some remaining, the second day to roll a roll the following to eat is also very good, both adhering to the traditional virtue of thrift, and a good symbol.In the civil society, people pay attention to “welcome the long and send the short”, which is about noodles and dumplings, and eat noodles when greeting guests or relatives, which means that family love and friendship can be as long as the shape of noodles, and they should often come and go with each other.And when sending people out to eat dumplings, meaning that the separation is only short, hope to get more away from less.Eating noodles is also the traditional food for greeting son-in-law on the second day of the Ninth lunar month. Since ancient times, China has been a land of rites and ceremonies. In most parts of China, daughters who get married on the second day of the ninth lunar month go back to their parents’ home with their husband and children, so the second day of the ninth lunar month is also called “Welcome Son-in-law Day” or “Uncle’s Day”.Daughters usually bring cookies, candy and other gifts to express their gratitude and filial piety to their parents, while mothers share these gifts with their neighbors to make everyone happy.Of course, the family prepares a big dinner for their daughter and son-in-law.If the old tradition is respected, the mother-in-law will make a bowl of noodles for her son-in-law to eat during the meal, in order to wish her daughter and son-in-law a long and harmonious life.Say again 2 take back gift taboo married the daughter back, must not be empty, even if you years ago has been sent boxing also not line, as the saying goes, “courtesy light affective heavy”, what gifts according to the actual situation of their own to decide, conditional can some more, condition is less common, but should pay attention to is the number of the gift must be dual,Do not send an odd number, generally 4, 6, 8 gifts is better.Lao Jing said that on the second day of the lunar New Year, it is the time for married daughters to express their filial piety and gratitude. They are looking forward to coming back to their parents, brothers and sisters together.Especially far married girls, more look forward to the Spring Festival home, this strong family will not be because of the distance becomes light, but more increase the miss between relatives, the two days together to let each other more profound feelings.On the second day of the lunar New Year, what other customs do you have in your hometown? Please share them in the comments section.# I am the market foraging record, and the world for many years, still glorious, still full of interest!Like to focus on food, drink and skittles, daily update recipes and food interesting news, pay attention to me, enjoy food not lost.