Steam’s top games list, this game lets the player become green Zorro

2022-05-21 0 By

Today is March 17, 2022, which is also the anniversary of the death of st. Patrick. In honor of the great man who spread Christianity around the world, This day is known as St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Because of its green theme, it is also commonly known as Cuckold’s Day.To celebrate this day, Steam’s Voxel survival sandbox, Ark of Squares, is also kicking off a huge Green Hat Festival, with a ton of fun things to do during this event.In the west, a lot of people are celebrating the cuckold husband section are CosPlay, the square ark also no accident launched some clothing for keeping day celebrations, one of the clothing compelling, a bearded man wearing green cloak, a hat and mask, and the legend of zorro rescue image.Get these “square ark” keeping festival theme clothes the way also is not difficult, players need to find a cuckold husband section exclusive items clover can get it from the goblin exchange, and clover in the square of the ark is everywhere, players can use vice comb dragon will it easy to collect, if you think it is not enough to do it quickly get clover,It can also be grown directly using the Ark of Squares planting system.Imagine yourself as “Square Ark” green Zorro in the world is full of blocks, a sense of excitement will be aroused, and “Square Ark” is a dinosaur theme game, players in the game even dinosaurs can beat, this can be better than Zorro.The Ark of Diamonds is now on sale and can be taken home for only 29 yuan. Players who like the suit can grab it now and enjoy the fun brought by the Green Hat Festival.