Seven out of eight!The Spurs crush the Nuggets, the Lakers are desperate, and James could be the biggest loser

2022-05-21 0 By

The SAN Antonio spurs have won seven of their last eight games, winning three in a row against the Denver Nuggets to close out the NBA regular season.The Spurs scored 18 points in the second quarter and led by 20 at halftime.In the second half, Gregg Popovich’s team was tested and the Nuggets rallied to close the deficit, but the Spurs held on to the challenge and they managed to win under the guidance of vassell and Johnson.The Spurs bounced back in the final stretch of the regular season, winning four games in a row and losing seven of eight to Memphis, and now they double-double Portland and beat Denver for their third straight win.The spurs improved to 34-45 with three regular-season games remaining, still ahead of the lakers and a good chance of clinching the playoffs early.The spurs win, pushing the lakers into the wall, today the lakers roadies against league first, to the best record in the history of the sun, winning 63 James also absent, recently the lakers got 6 in a row at the same time, this case, they have reached the edge of the cliff, once lose today, the lakers are no play-off directly,This is the biggest humiliation for the purple and Gold team, which has a strong line-up on paper.Meanwhile, James was absent, eclipsed at the top of the scoring charts by Embiid, who is averaging 30.4 points per game and has scored 89 in his last two games.So James could be the biggest loser by losing both play-off tickets and scoring titles.Of course, at 37 years old, James is still in good shape physically and physically, and there are still opportunities in the future.So the situation is that the Spurs are in control of the play-offs, and whether the Lakers beat the SUNS or not, the spurs are in control of the play-offs, which is very important.Whether or not the spurs make it through the brutal play-offs to the playoffs, the spurs have proven themselves.The Spurs were out of the play-off zone and among the worst in the Western Conference, but they came out on top when it mattered, beating the Warriors and nuggets as well as the Lakers and New Orleans pelicans.Winning seven of eight games was important, and knocked the lakers off their perch.Also looking forward to the next spurs performance, can strive to achieve ideal results this season.