Senior minister Gao Yun (1)

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Introduction to open the vast sea of history, historical figures as much as cattle hair, more than eighty dynasties, more than five hundred emperors do not say, princes and nobles, more some celebrities can if the stars, lit up the sky of history.And the history books made by people in the past dynasties are only a small part. Most people are lost in the dust. No one knows where they came from, and no one knows their way back.Opening the history of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, it was a relatively special period, it was a time when people from different regions, with different lives or living habits, and speaking different languages gathered in the Central Plains from all directions.It’s like water coming from different mountain systems, flowing down and down, and eventually mixing with each other to form a new stream.It seems that at a certain point, there is a current from a distant place called the northeast, from a mountain forest called the Da Xianbei Mountain, south to west, all the way to the south, flow, meet more water.In the process, water from one stream flows into another stream, and water from another stream flows into this stream.The flow of water is roundabout and steady;It’s depressing. It’s positive.It swirl flow and flow, and other water that flows through the yanshan, flows through the mountain big wooden root, flows through the shengle, flows through the daqingshan, finally flows to the datong lake area was once an ocean, but this time the datong lake is no longer a lake, but a bamiyan, and relatively flat topography, basin, since hsu family kiln people here, the survival and development,Several years have passed.Perhaps because of this large open and flat terrain, there is an ancient city here, it is called Pingcheng.The main stream, which has been flowing westward and southward, is called Xianbei Tuoba. It stops at Shengle for a while, and then turns southeast, along a crack in the great Castle Peak valley, to this place called Pingcheng.Then the current renamed itself the name of a dynasty: Wei.How many dynasties were called Wei!So later generations called it “Northern Wei”.For a long time in the Northern Wei Dynasty, there was a minister named Gao Yun.From the time of Tuoba Ji, the second emperor of the Northern Wei dynasty, to the time of Tuoba Hong, the sixth emperor xiaowen, his shadow began to appear in the court.During this long time, he served five emperors and lived to be ninety-eight years old.In that special era, gao Yun is a miracle no matter how long he is in court or how old he is.Gao Yun is a miracle!In May 395, summer arrived as promised.On the ancient land of Yanzhao, leaves are already green and weeds are ready to grow.The birds on the branches had completely lost the rustle which had been there in the spring, and their feathers were raised so high that they could be heard calling to their companions wherever they stood.It repeats itself every year, and this year.But when a careful old man walked through the land here, his heart could not help but give birth to a vicissitudes of life, because in his memory, there will always be the sound of the collision of swords, guns and swords, making every night tremble;Subconsciously, he could smell blood, even though there was nothing in front of him at that moment.Yes, he would be shocked at a bird’s song, as if it were a warhorse’s whinnying.In this piece of land, has left too many horseshoe footprints, also left too much blood.And the most fat, is that some stay in the old woods of the goon vulture, even those magpies, called out of the voice is not in the good news, they opened their mouths, the voice is “human” “human” “human flesh”……”Human flesh” “Human flesh” “human flesh”.In the palace of Zhongshan, Murongchui, the Emperor of later Yan, sat on his couch, his eyes closed.A ray of sunlight through the window crack, like a cat walked, silent.The ladies of the court stood beside him, as still and silent as if they were lifeless objects.But at the slightest sign of movement from Murongchui, they would suddenly be in a frenzy.Murong Chui is old, his hair is gray, and wrinkles hang relentlessly on his face.These days, there are a lot of moments for him to close his eyes and not move. People don’t know if he’s tired or just thinking quietly.The occasional twitch of the muscles in his face showed that his heart was at times restless.”Cough…Well…Cough……”Murongchui began to cough, and his body began to sway. The wrinkles on his face deepened, his hair and beard flapping irregularly to the rhythm of his cough.Maid-in-waiting suddenly beat him on the back. When his cough subsided, another girl brought him a black pottery box.Murong Choi cleared his throat and shot into his box.With a long moan, he felt more comfortable.”Father.”Murong Bao, who had been standing nearby, spoke.In fact, he had already come in, but he just watched Murong Chui close his eyes, he did not let the maid to announce, has been standing by silently waiting.Seeing his father open his eyes, he took a step forward.”Father, boy thinks the northern expedition can’t wait.”Murong Chui said quietly.Murong straightened vertically, opened his eyes completely, and looked at Murong Bao.Murong Chui’s eyes are deep. Although he has gray shadow due to his age, he still has a special light. As long as his eyes hit anyone, they will make him fear.Yes, there is so much in that look, and not many people have dared to make eye contact with it over the years.Even the people closest to him.Murong Bao saw his father looking at him, and he looked back at him, but his eyes were empty and he did not dare to look at his father.”Rope Head boy is too ungrateful. Let’s kill him before it’s too late.Otherwise, there will be endless trouble.”Murong Bao said, watching murong Chui’s expression.”Is it?Murong Chui nodded thoughtfully.”Yes, father.When Nasuotou Tuoba was chased out, we gave him a lot of help, but he did not repay our kindness. When we needed horses most, we tried to ask them for some, but they did not give us any.And when we fought with the puppet Yan Murong Yong, he actually helped murong Yong against us. Such a person, we should not punish him?”Murong Bao’s words brought many things to Murong’s mind.As the founding emperor of Houyan, Murongchui, like all the founding emperors, endured too many difficulties and twists and turns.With his health declining, the choice of a successor has become the most important thing on his mind.Although murong Bao was now the crown prince, his heart was not relieved.His mind was still haunted by the speculations, jealousy, contorting and contorting between brothers for succession at the time of his father, the former Emperor Murong Wh.And all around him he felt more and more that a cold and strange air was beginning to fill the air, and it grew stronger and stronger.To tell the truth, although Murong Bao was officially appointed crown prince, his heart was still in a flutter, and he often sighed in his heart: “If only my son Ling were still alive!”After sighing, he would fall into a long silence.Let the air around also suddenly become heavy.Murong Ling is murong Chui’s oldest son, and Murong Chui was popular with his father, Old Yan King Murong Wh, which angered his older brother prince Murong Jun and constantly bothered him.After the death of the king of Lao Yan, Murong Jun succeeded to the throne. Although Murong Chui had made great contributions in times of national crisis, he was criticized by Murong Jun for many times.When Murong Jun died, his son, Maurice Woei, took the throne, but murong Chui still had a rough time.At first, Murong Ke, the king of Taiyuan, was the chief of the imperial court. He attached great importance to Murong Chui and gave him many opportunities for meritorious service.After Murong Ke died of illness, the imperial power was in the hands of Taifu Murong Ping, who was narrow-minded and fond of suspicion.Huan Wen, the grand sima of the Eastern Jin, led a 50,000-strong cavalry to attack Qianyang in the north. Due to their continuous fighting, Mu Rongwei and Taifu Mu Rongping were so terrified that they decided to flee to helong (present-day Chaoyang, Liaoning), the former capital of the Eastern Jin.Murongchui, the king of Wu at that time, asked for his troops to fight against Jin, and with the help of former Qin, he defeated Constant Temperature at one stroke and won the victory.After this victory, Murong Chui rose to prominence and was admired by many in the country. Murong, angry and resentful, plotted with the Queen mother to kill Murong Chui.When murong was quietly told the news, he was worried but didn’t tell his family for fear of causing panic.But Murong Ling saw this and said to Murong Chui, “Father, I think you look sad. Is it because the emperor is too young and the taifu is jealous of you?And as you have done too much, too much influence, he is jealous all the more.”Hearing murong Ling’s words, Murong Chui sighed and said, “Yes, my son.I tried my best to defeat the invading Jin army. Originally, I wanted to defend the state of Yan from invasion. But who would have thought that after I had succeeded, I would be unable to shelter myself?Now that you see it, what do you advise me to do?”Murong Ling said, “Alas, now the Lord is young and stupid, and the power in the court is in the hands of the taifu. Once disaster happens, it is too late to deal with it.Now, if we want to save our families and not lose our righteousness, we can only go to the Dragon City to avoid disaster, apologize to the Lord with humble words, and wait for the day when the Lord is sober.It was just like when the Duke of Zhou was misunderstood, he stayed in the east and avoided the court. Soon the king understood him, and he returned to the court safe and secure.It would be best if it were like this.If this is not possible, we can also attach ourselves to the Yan and Dai at home, and be indebted to the various external tribes, and protect ourselves against the dangers of heaven.”Hearing Murong Ling’s words, Murong Chui felt very reasonable, so he secretly went out of Ye under the pretext of hunting and prepared to return to longcheng, his former capital.When they arrived in Handan, something happened. Murong Lin, murong’s youngest son, had never been favored by Murong, so he complained to Murong, and many of murong’s followers left.When Murong ping knew this, he badmouthed Murong Chuei in front of Murong, so Murong Qiang, duke of Xi Ping, took the lead in pursuing him.At Fanyang, Murong Chu sent Murong Ling to cut off the rear, murong Qiang did not dare to pursue further.It was almost evening, and Murong Ling told Murong, “Originally, we wanted to preserve the eastern capital of Longcheng for ourselves. Now that the news has been leaked, we have no time to think of any other way. The Lord of Qin is recruiting the world’s heroes, so we’d better go to him.””Hey, if we don’t do this now, what else can we do?” Mr. Murong said helplessly.The former Qin feared Murong Chui the most. After Murong Chui took refuge with the former Qin, the former Qin had nothing to fear from Yan, so they asked Murong Ling to join the army as a march and lead the army to attack Yan.Murong Ling and Murong Chui were not really rebellious, after all, they were deeply rooted.So Murong Ling, when he was leading the troops of Qin to fight against Yan, rebelled against Qin and joined Yan.Murong Ling came under suspicion after he fled back to Qianyan.The Yan court sent him far to the northern City of Shacheng for guarding and kept him under strict surveillance.Murong Ling could not bear it any longer. He tried to contact his former followers in Shacheng to prepare for a rebellion, but his brother Murong Lin tipped him off and murong Ling was killed….Thinking of these past events, Murongchui felt a wave of anxiety.Had it not been for so many stories, had Murong Ling not been killed…But these can only be hypothetical.Murong Chui once again looked up at his naivet-faced son, the current crown prince, and said to murong Bao, “All right, let’s consult the court and listen to the opinions of the ministers.”About the author: Hou Jianchen, male, member of Chinese writers’ Association, member of shanxi Writers’ Association, student of lu Xun College of Literature.He has published a number of literary works in selected Novels, Xinhua Abstracts, Selected Essays, Selected Small Novels, Northern Literature, Shanxi Literature, Spark, Writing, Yellow River, Shandong Literature, Sunshine, Contemporary People, Hundreds of Essays, Lu Ming, Contemporary Novels, short Stories and so on.His works have been selected by the annual list and so on for many times.He has published a collection of essays “Hum while walking” and “Stew”, a collection of stories “Walk to a Place called the Cinema”, a collection of children’s stories “Forest Grandpa’s Big boots” and a full-length fairy tale “little white Shoes” and so on.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: