Join forces to crack down on telecom network crime Taiyuan “public prosecution law” training together to form a joint force to crack down on crime

2022-05-21 0 By

In order to better crack down on telecom network crimes and improve the quality of case handling, on February 16, Wanbailin District Procuratorate invited the relevant department heads of the provincial procuratorate to give a special lecture on the application of law in dealing with “electric fraud” cases.In addition to the procuratorial police, there are judges and police officers attending the lecture.The purpose of this lecture is to accurately understand and apply the law in accordance with the law, severely punish telecom network crimes, improve the quality of handling cases, and promote the formation of a legal professional community.In the lecture, the provincial procuratorate experts from the overview of telecom fraud crime, jurisdiction, law application, and help the understanding of the crime of information network crime and law application, combined with typical cases, to explain the relevant knowledge for the “public security law” case handling personnel.”The ‘public security law’ training has broken the problems of different standards, different standards and poor cohesion.Both eliminates differences in the case, and build up a bridge interconnectivity, sketched the “concentric circles” business work, Wan Bailin district procuratorate said about chief, the hospital will continue to strengthen the interaction with the public security, court, further broaden the training runs in scope and the way, for maintaining social stability and security to provide a powerful legal guarantee.Reporter Liu Youwang correspondent Li Wei Taiyuan Evening News