It turns out that if the lakers fire Vogel, Handy, who helped lebron James win two championships, will take over as interim coach

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The Lakers lost 117-114 to the New Orleans hornets on Jan. 29, dropping their 24-26 record to ninth in the Western Conference and looking in trouble for a playoff spot, let alone a title shot.Silverscreenandroll reporter Austin green cites yahoo’s Chris Haynes’ podcast, which revealed earlier this week that if vogel were to go, it would not be David fizdale who would step in as interim coach, but phil handy.Although Vogel survived one crisis, now he has another.”I was told by sources at the time that if an interim coach took over, and I think a lot of people would think it would be David Fizdale, I was told by a lot of people that if it happened it would be Phil Handy.”Chris Haynes says.Haynes also stressed: “Phil is a well-respected man.I interviewed him in Cleveland.Good guy, one of the best player development coaches, if not the best, in the league.Have a good relationship with a lot of stars around the league.”Haynes was right. Handy and James had a great relationship.James has a personal relationship with Handy since playing for the Cavs, and when the Lakers reunite, James will work out with Handy during the offseason.Handy is also a champion coach, with the Cavs, Raptors and Lakers have won titles, belonging to the coach’s lucky star, of course, James’s lucky star, after all, the two cavs and lakers won titles.Fizdale served as the lakers’ interim coach during Vogel’s absence, but failed to prove himself.Fizdale was the one who played with five small lineups, even the entire game.But the five-small lineup didn’t improve the lakers’ record.Suffice it to say fizdale has not earned the trust of the lakers’ front office.After Vogel’s comeback, the Lakers used five small starters.However, Lakers consultant Rambis is not a fan of five xiao, and vogel after communication, Walker gave up to continue to use five xiao.That’s how Howard got into the starting lineup.However, Warnerman’s use of Howard was very short, Howard is like a fake starter.Phil Handy turned down Steve Nash’s offer to become an assistant coach in the Nets in 2020.In 2021, the Wizards asked Handy to compete for the coaching position, but he was unsuccessful.Now the Lakers are in a slump, coach Vogel has been slow to find a solution to the crisis.