Internet famous city changsha’s anti-epidemic rhythm: keep the unique fireworks

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Affected by the epidemic, the food street in Changsha huangxing Road pedestrian street is sparsely populated.Affected by the epidemic, the food street in Changsha huangxing Road pedestrian street has little traffic.The pace of the fight against COVID-19 in Changsha, a popular online city:Changsha March 31 (reporter Liu Shuangshuang Lu Yi) in recent days, because of a new round of the epidemic, Yuelu Academy, Orange Island scenic area, Hunan Provincial Museum and other popular tourist attractions in Changsha have suspended the opening to the outside world, network red city Changsha had to slow down in the rhythm of precision anti-epidemic rhythm.Former net red card to changsha Huangxing road pedestrian street, a local characteristics of the young shop assistant told reporters, although recent customers less than a tenth of the past, but as long as the policy allows, the boss will adhere to business.”Smelly tofu and sugar-oil baba are indispensable to Changsha cuisine. Gourmet shops are all over the streets of Changsha. These are the unique fireworks of Changsha, and we must protect them.”Reporters shuttled through the pedestrian street, stores in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, requiring customers to scan code to enter.Public health broadcasts in the streets repeatedly play “health monitoring, spacing, and wearing masks.”Several nearby milk tea shops known as “Cha Yan Yue Se” have suspended operations.Tasting a cup of “tea Yan Yue se” was once a must for young tourists to Changsha.Liu Qiaofang, a publicist for the brand, said they open and close stores flexibly according to government policies to ensure the safety of their stores.Even at home, changsha residents can order a steaming cup of take-away milk tea to satisfy their hunger.At the same time, the company has developed a variety of DIY classic milk tea categories, foreign consumers can place orders through the e-commerce platform, and Changsha “cloud” meet.Young Party members of Hunan Taxation Bureau took the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing volunteer work in Yuhua District and guide community residents to scan codes for testing.Luo Shun loves to take the flow of people less, slightly cold changsha core business district Huang Xing Square, but because of the “90 after” home stay boss Jiang Mei’s enthusiastic action by the outside world attention.She donated her homestay room for free to be used as a temporary dormitory for health workers.Clean bedding, warm tea and a comfortable environment helped the epidemic prevention workers who had been busy all night to relieve their fatigue of the day.”I believe that with concerted efforts, the epidemic will soon pass.”This story of mutual help is played out every day in Changsha.On March 26, a confirmed case in Changsha involved Yali Middle School, where more than 1,000 teachers and students were quarantined in a hotel.The students were calm and orderly as they waited to be moved to isolation;On the bus to the isolation hotel, singing the school song together to encourage;Accompanying the isolated teachers, students sent to pick pink cherry blossoms……In recent days, volunteers from Changsha entered the containment area and control area to carry out bayonet checking, temperature checking and code checking, and guarantee the distribution of daily supplies.Lei Feng volunteers help children who take online classes at home or stay in school to adjust their psychology through online themed psychological classes, “cloud classes”, colorful in-school activities and telephone consultation.Enterprises and restaurant owners voluntarily send love meals to epidemic prevention and control volunteers without leaving names;Do nucleic acid for people who are inconvenient to go out, take care of children in the neighborhood…Have become a tacit understanding of the city’s epidemic prevention and control.Source: