Chongqing and Guizhou 7 project of China Railway 11th Bureau held a “heart-setting” tea party for young workers

2022-05-21 0 By

On the afternoon of March 13, the chongqing and Guizhou 7 Standard project of China Railway 11th Bureau held a “heart-setting” tea party for young workers, and all the students who joined the project in the past two years attended the meeting.We watched the company’s development process of the special film, review the company since the “army to labor”, full of hard struggle, summed up the development of the company’s achievements.Subsequently, 16 work, study and life of the young employees with its speak enthusiastically, from a different perspective talk about their own feelings and profound experience, thanks to the company provides a platform, through “adviser to head person” activities, also met willo “life coach”, the business, improve comprehensive ability quickly, effectively enhances own various aspects ability,They shared their thoughts, plans and wishes on career development from “beginner” to “independent”.The speeches of the young staff were wonderful, vivid and sincere, showing the spirit of the project young staff who are not afraid of challenges and are passionate.At the meeting, the leaders of each project encouraged the young employees to strengthen their own foundation, achieve the standard of the post, and keep making progress and growing.Finally, Liu Zhiguo, executive deputy manager of the project, and He Yonglong, deputy Secretary of the project, encouraged all staff to always maintain the spirit of being the first, constantly improve the job business ability, and take the initiative to adapt to the new development direction of the company and the project.The symposium enhance the understanding of the development of the company and employees, to enhance the staff’s sense of belonging to the enterprise with a sense of pride, you have said felt keenly awaited from enterprise and project leaders and kindly care, strengthened their faith in a short communication, strengthens the self cognitive ability, to promote the project each work to develop into the strong spiritual motive.In the next step, all the staff of the project Department will strengthen confidence, take responsibility, rise to the challenge, strive for the lead, resolutely win the “Decisive 2022” construction and production battle, and contribute to the company and the project to achieve “high-quality, high standard and high-level” development.Author: Chen Xitong Photography: Chen Xitong Reviewer: He Yonglong