Chechnya taking advantage of the chaos?Putin meets Kadyrov overnight. Could Russia face Civil War?

2022-05-21 0 By

In a period of time in the past, the situation in Ukraine border, has always been the focus of global attention, a lot of people think that Russia and Ukraine to fight is only a matter of time, there are, of course, the United States and other western countries have been the cause of the hype, but on the whole, the two sides at least a peaceful solution to the problem is still a long way to go.But at such a crucial moment, something happened inside Russia!It was not civil unrest in Moscow, of course, but in Chechnya, Russia’s protege, which erupted in grozny, the capital.The riots began when A former Chechen Supreme Court judge, Syed Yangurbayev, somehow provoked Mr Kadyrov to accuse him directly of involvement in a series of terrorist acts and threatened to send the judge and his family to prison.Wind pass out, however, Yang gul nazarbayev immediately action, left Russia with his daughter, but his wife didn’t had time to escape, was taken away by Mr Kadyrov sent the capture of party to, then the chechen capital, is a large-scale protest movement, but it is worth noting that the protest movement was not rebel chechen government catch a person,The protesters and the government are on the same side. This is a rare situation. Generally speaking, who would protest to show support for the government?Have expert analysis, the protesters are likely to be in the government’s behest, by doing so, very possibly to Mr Putin to release some signals, such as Moscow told the situation in chechnya has been completely out of control, and, once out of control, chechnya if done, then it won’t be Mr Kadyrov get tube.After Russian President vladimir putin told news, is that night immediately to meet with Mr Kadyrov, meeting spot in Mr Putin’s presidential office, but two specific what was said, at present has not been announced, but at the end of the meeting, Mr Putin’s press secretary, dmitry peskov revealed some information, in a public release trigger netizen comment again.Peskov is said to have made it clear at the briefing that Moscow absolutely disagreed with the idea that the situation in Chechnya was completely out of control, but that the Kremlin did not have a full picture of what was happening in Chechnya.The meaning of this sentence is worth thinking about, after all, Mr Kadyrov front foot just report back into the kremlin to Mr Putin, now say that Russia’s chechnya has yet to grasp the entire picture, it may also represent chechen internal situation is very complicated, Mr Putin’s heard might just Mr Kadyrov’s story.At a time when Russia and NATO were provoking Russia, Kadyrov said he was willing to take Ukraine back with chechen soldiers at the head of a wave of Putin’s hand.Is Mr Kadyrov’s this statement, however, some analysts interpreted as kadyrov is to Mr Putin, but on the other side, we also want to know, chechnya have rebelled several times in the past, and if the war between Russia and Ukraine real, on the surface with loyal to Mr Kadyrov in Russia will take advantage of the disorder to stem what, presumably only he knows.