Tianqiao District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau tightened the responsibility chain of small and micro power supervision by taking four measures simultaneously

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Flyover administrative examination and approval service seriously implement the central and provincial and municipal district party committee decision deployment, established the “qing power, unavailability, sun power and rights” small micro power restriction and supervision idea, continuous purification business environment, has won the “provincial youth civilization”, “provincial civilized unit”, flyover advanced basic-level party organization such as the honorary title,By the municipal Committee of the comprehensive rule by law city committee as the government by law construction advanced units.We should clear power in a timely manner and make a list of powers and responsibilities.We promptly adopted and adjusted the list of items subject to administrative examination and approval of the department, sorted out the list of items subject to certification, and accepted 144 items in the list of powers and responsibilities, and 756 items of government services in accordance with the application of the district, realizing the centralized handling rate in the office, the “one-window acceptance rate” 100%, and the online handling rate of the whole process 98.94%.We will fully implement the negative list system, directly cancel the examination and approval for the establishment of clinics and other items, and change the examination and approval for food business (only selling pre-packaged food) to record.Standardize the use of power and realize the power operation program.To promote scientific and procedural administrative decision-making, the Government has successively formulated and issued the System for Deliberation and Decision-making of Administrative Examination and Approval Services in Tianqiao District, implemented major administrative decision-making procedures such as public participation, expert demonstration and legitimacy review, and completed the examination and verification of 112 major administrative law enforcement decisions.The system Compilation of the overall work shall be organized and formed, and the work shall be implemented with the rules and regulations.The right to sunlight, to achieve transparency of government affairs.We intensified efforts to make Party and government affairs more transparent, and promptly released to the public major items currently subject to administrative review and approval. The response rate reached 100% upon application.We have implemented the integration of community grid and government services, compiled catalogues and standards for the disclosure of government affairs, standardized working procedures for the disclosure of government affairs, and promoted the full disclosure of street offices, lists of community matters, handling guidelines, and procedures on government service platforms, so as to open up the last 100 meters of community-level government affairs.Strict supervision of power, the realization of power supervision democratization.The information evaluation system of “good and bad evaluation” has been established, service evaluation has been carried out through multiple channels, and “fault finding window” and “help agent window” have been set up. Complaints and reports in the hall have been completed on time with a rate of 100%, and the satisfaction rate of the masses has reached over 98%.We conscientiously accept intra-Party, people’s congresses, supervisory, democratic, and judicial oversight, and 100 percent of people’s deputies and CPPCC members are satisfied with the way they handle their suggestions and proposals.We organized a forum for business environment supervisors to solicit opinions and suggestions from the public in a timely manner.In the next step, Tianqiao District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau will fully implement the general requirements of strict Party governance, always tighten the discipline and rules of the string, pay close attention to all kinds of inaction, slow action, disorderly action, and effectively implement the deployment of grass-roots power supervision.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)