Shangcai Huangbu town fills Spring Festival “vegetable basket” to boost farmers “money bag”

2022-05-20 0 By

Industrial development is an important way to increase people’s income and get rich. In recent years, Huangbu Town of Shangcai County has been carrying people’s tables on one hand and farmers on the other, making efforts to create a “vegetable basket” revolution that benefits the people.We are working hard on the road of rural revitalization.Recently, the reporter walked into shangcai County Yellow port town south Wang Lou village vegetable greenhouse base, a greenhouse neatly arranged, is particularly striking, into the greenhouse, a warm current coming, a large planted celery, cauliflower and other neatly greeted, green, happy growth.Shangcai County finance bureau in the village team member Chen Gang introduced to reporters: “South Wang Lou village existing more than 100 greenhouses, planting area of more than 200 acres, mainly planting cucumber, gift watermelon, celery, broccoli, etc., led the surrounding more than 50 people employment, this year’s benefit is quite good.”Vegetable greenhouses grow vegetables out of season, which enricens the “vegetable basket” of urban and rural residents during the Spring Festival, and also boosts the “money bag” of farmers in Nanwanglou Village.”I work at home. I take care of my family and earn money.”Shangcai County Yellow port town south Wang Lou village villagers Wang Yanli said happily.In recent years, huangbu Town has guided local villagers to vigorously develop greenhouse agriculture by focusing on the poverty-alleviation ideas of grasping industry, adjusting structure and promoting development, so as to truly realize industrial revitalization, turning vegetable shed into “quick money basin” and leading more and more villagers to increase their income and become rich.