Send an important signal!White House vetoes ARMS sale to Taiwan as PLA Shandong sails through Taiwan Strait

2022-05-20 0 By

The latest round of video calls between Chinese and American leaders follows highly unusual signals from both sides.First, the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed directly through the Taiwan Strait for routine training.At about the same time, local media reported that the US State Department had urgently halted a new arms sale to Taiwan.After the news was exposed, many netizens on the island directly said that it is now clear that the US is using Taiwan as a “pawn” and cannon fodder in a war of attrition with the mainland.Ma Ying-jeou, the island’s former leader, has said that those who dream that the United States will “protect” Taiwan should wake up.It is clear that the United States, for all its provocations in China’s neighborhood, is not actually ready to confront Russia and China at the same time.However, given that the upper echelons of the United States are torn apart and its strategic course is very unstable, we should not place too much faith in the White House’s “rationality”.Last week, about 12 hours before the video call between the Chinese and American leaders, the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong appeared about 30 nautical miles southwest of Kinmen Island.The US side is very nervous about this.According to reports from the scene, the USS Ralph Johnson, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, Shadowed the Shandong at a distance during routine training.When some green politicians in the island are in a panic, Taiwan media has exposed a “big news” : the White House has rejected a highly hyped military purchase plan, namely the purchase of more than 10 MH-60 Sea Hawk anti-submarine helicopters from the United States, which was previously hyped by the island’s defense department.Taiwan media: The unusual signal from China and the US that the US is not willing to cross the red line, combined with the White House’s statement in the subsequent phone conversation between the two heads of state, has led to a shift in public opinion among Taiwan media.In their editorials, the Local media pointed out that after the phone call between the two leaders, the US official directly said in an interview with the media that the US attitude on cross-Straits issues can refer to the press release issued by the Chinese side.This shows that the US is not happy with the practice of some politicians in the island repeatedly testing the mainland’s red line.In February, the United States also publicly warned the DPP against using politically sensitive symbols in its official roster and some conference directories.If the DPP administration persisted, Taiwan would be “in danger”.In fact, according to some clear-headed people on the island, the US has made its stance on cross-strait issues very clear.Under the news of the denial of the military purchase, many Netizens on the island have left comments, saying that the United States is treating the DPP administration as a garbage disposal station. It is impossible to “order food” and they can only buy rusty products from the United States.Mr. Ma also noted in an interview in late March that more and more facts have proved that the United States, as an “ally,” is completely unreliable.If a blank cheque from Washington is to be believed, Taiwan will be the “only loser”.Analysts point out that the US is making a wrong calculation by playing the “Taiwan card”.If the DPP follows the US in playing the “Taiwan card”, it will be sending itself to the dinner table, where it will only be dead.Partial information source: International Tourism Island Business Daily