Seemingly indifferent but actually love to death

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Capricorn, Virgo and Leo are the most duplicity when it comes to love. They don’t seem to be into it, but they love each other very much.Capricorn, Virgo and Leo are the most outwardly different people when they fall in love. They look cold, rational and superior. In fact, they love each other very much, but they are not good at using words to express themselves, making it easy for others to misunderstand his true feelings.Third:Capricorn Capricorn in love seems very cold, like an iceberg, let a person produce distance, seems never to melt the cold heart, because they’re used to hide their love, even if love each other very much, will not be easily expressed, the appearance of a passionate, let a person feel fear, in the eyes of others, get along with such a lover, must move slowly.But understand Capricorn people know, in fact, their heart is very gentle, just a little self, in front of love, they are like a child, need to be coaxed, be cared for, they are actually very lack of security, in order to protect themselves, will show people with cold face.Second: Virgo virgo is a typical dull coquette-type lover, their love without romantic plot, no sudden surprise, more no sweet words, some just day after day dull life, sometimes let lovers doubt their importance.But as long as with virgo for a long time, they don’t is a soft-spoken man, even if there is love in heart, and I don’t know how to say, but they would love to show in action, sometimes the other half is just freely say what they want, they will put the things on hands, the next day retaliate insist: “just see on sale, send you please.”▍ first name: Leo overweening Leo looked like proud of the king, and his contacts, no matter big or small all have to cooperate with him, having a strong personality to make this relationship seems very imbalance, but love this thing, is your love, I would like to, you like his proud, he likes you gentle, two people can do the peace beyond imagination.Leo may seem to be in the air, but love is so strong that even if it makes their nostrils smoke, they will act as if nothing has happened.