Saturday, Feb.12: Analysis of the sweep of the sixth five and eight games yesterday (including the score, the number of goals forecast)

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Judging by the recent performances of the two teams, there is no doubt that Lazio are the better side.Lazio’s overall strength is higher than bologna’s and their recent form is also superior.From the two teams nearly 6 meetings, lazio 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, not dominant.But in the last two games, Bologna have won consecutive games without conceding a single goal, giving them the psychological upper hand.But lazio are good at home and Bologna are bad away.From the data company to give the data, the first set to half a ball, that the organization is still very optimistic about the home lazio.The concessions offered are reasonable.Combined with the above, personally feel the game is worth looking forward to Lazio.Prediction: Wins 1-0 2-0 Goals scored 1/2 Saturday 008 Bundesliga Bochum VS Bayern Munich match time:2022-02-12 22:30 bochum is one of the most like rivals bayern Munich in recent years, 8 times against bochum recently, not only has won, bayern Munich and big the score to win games, so the game data on initial to bayern Munich – 2 concessions, reflects two team strength gap, personally think that bayern it as long as can normal play,It’s not difficult to get all three points away from home or even a big win.Bayern are favored to win.Prediction: Draw/draw 1-3 0-3 Goals scored 3/4 Goals Sat 009 Bundesliga Monchengladbach VS Augsburg Match Time:Monchengladbach are better than Augsburg on paper, but their recent form is not much different from augsburg, and last year they lost two matches in the league, the psychological pressure is higher, but the index at the beginning gives a deep level of -0.75, is almost the best compromise between the two teams in the recent battles.Personally think menxing small win the probability is still many.Eintracht Frankfurt have dominated wolfsburg four times in the last two seasons with two wins, a draw and a loss.And the overall state of them is better than wolfsburg, the index is given at the beginning of the range of -0.25 is relatively relevant, I think Frankfurt home snatching points is more likely.Prediction: Win/draw 1-1 2-1 Goals scored 2/3 Bundesliga freiburg VS Mainz Saturday 011 Match Time:The difference between the two teams in terms of strength is not very big, and both sides have their own advantages and disadvantages, Freiburg’s advantage lies in the home advantage, while Mainz as away bugs, strength can be noted.The current data for this game to give Freiburg -0.25 position, late solid performance.Overall, this game might as well look good on Freiburg to win.Win/draw 1-1 1-0 Goals scored 1/2 Sat 023 Serie A Napoli VS Inter Milan match Time:Asian data for Inter milan at the beginning of the -0.25 high start, later adjusted to -0 low, there are weak signs of support, for this game, I think Inter milan has just experienced two strong matches in a week, this is a very big consumption for the team, and Napoli is in good condition recently,And without the fatigue of the double a week later, and with home advantage, napoli are more likely to win at home.Bayer Leverkusen VS Stuttgart Saturday 025 Bundesliga Match Time:The index went up to -1.25 after an opening of -1, very reasonable given the recent form of the two teams, and bayer Leverkusen also have a head-to-head advantage of 8 wins in 10 matches.Prediction: Win 2-1 2-0 Goals 2/3 goals Sat 033 Serie A Turin VS Venice match time:In terms of the history of the two teams, Turin recently faced Venice with a 1-1 draw, both sides have no obvious psychological advantage, the Asian data for Turin at the beginning of the low start -1, the market data continued low interval, maintain a supportive attitude, is the most powerful concession ever,Reflecting Venice’s recent slump, Turin is certainly worth pursuing.Prediction: Win, defend and draw 1-0, 1-1 goals scored 1/2 goals