Rational analysis, yao Ming or Gu Ailing, which is more influential in China?

2022-05-20 0 By

If you want to talk about the domestic sports world is the most popular who, it must be skiing princess Gu Ailing.She is so popular, open the computer and mobile phone, almost all about her news, she is also in China for a short time, so that many people know her.Even a lot of stars are taking advantage of the heat, her popularity can be used to describe the explosion.Before Gu Ailing, yao Ming had such a huge influence in China. Which one of them has greater influence in China?First of all, Yao Ming is bigger.I admit that Gu’s popularity is soaring now. In this information age, confidence about her is everywhere, and the skiing project is also due to gu’s higher attention.There are also a lot of people, because of Gu Ailing, have great interest in skiing, skiing attention in China has been unprecedented attention.But Gu’s skiing is too limited, or, to put it bluntly, too small for ordinary people to reach.Many people do not even know what skiing projects, with Gu Ailing this project attention is high.Yao Ming is different, he is a basketball player, but also played in the NBA for so many years, the global influence is huge.Many of us in junior high or high school stood around the dining hall and watched the Rockets play.Yao Ming is certainly not as good as Gu, but his influence is much higher.Although the information of Yao Ming era is not so developed, but his audience is too large, whether you play basketball or not, 99% know yao Ming’s existence.Gu, on the other hand, will surely fade with the end of the Olympics. He doesn’t have yao’s sustained impact.One is a representative figure of Chinese sports, the other is a rising star, the gap is still huge.Therefore, in the mind of xiaobian, Gu Ailing even now popular, influence in China, the gap with Yao Ming is still big, do you think?