Chengdu performs before the Opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”Chengdu 90 Seconds” has been released exclusively for the first time

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Just now, Chengdu proudly appeared in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games pre-ceremony performance!”Chengdu 90 seconds”, the first exclusive public!As one of the cities interacting with the “Bird’s Nest”, Chengdu gave a lively performance of 90 seconds, which made the audience in Beijing and around the world feel the enthusiasm of chengdu people to welcome the Winter Olympics.Let’s take a look at the full version of “90 Seconds in Chengdu” of the Winter Olympics.On the evening of February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened.In the performance before the opening ceremony, the Broadcast team of the China Media Group broadcast the main live performance in real time, and at the same time showed the panorama of the “10 Cities interactive” by way of wire connection.It is worth mentioning that the wide and narrow Alley, Chengdu World Universiade Park and other points from Chengdu also appeared in the performance interaction before the opening ceremony, showing chengdu and the whole country together to welcome the happy atmosphere of the Winter Olympics!At chengdu World Universiade Park, a fire dragon show with western Sichuan characteristics lights up the park.Then, the dongan Lake torch and the surrounding sports venues lit up in turn, and chengdu citizens welcomed the exciting moment of the Winter Olympics together in a happy and cheerful atmosphere!At night, the lights come on in the narrow alleys.Young people from Chengdu Dancesport Association brought enthusiastic, dynamic and lively dancesport.Six of the top sports dance association member unit of chengdu took part in the show, for most of the students are in chengdu city, sichuan province, even won the honors of the country’s smaller players, they merely lane streets singing and dancing to the arena, and constantly to the citizens and on both sides of the invitation, together and cheer for the Beijing Olympics.Yang Kejia, vice chairman of Chengdu Dancesport Association, said:”To represent the chengdu took part in the show was very excited, shows the chengdu children in the technical level of sports dance Latin dance at the same time also reflected the chengdu citizens and the dancers love dance, love life attitude, sincere congratulations to the winter games was held in Beijing at the same time, also to show the world the chengdu people positive, deeply loves the life of the spirit.”Grade 2 students from Pautongshu Primary School put on costumes and performed sichuan Opera face-changing in kuanzhai Alley. They enthusiastically reflected the diverse and profound cultural characteristics of Chengdu to welcome the Winter Olympics.”I am very excited and excited to participate in this performance. It is a responsibility to celebrate the Winter Olympics with the characteristics of Sichuan.”He Hongmei, vice principal of Pautongshu Primary School, said that since the preparation of the Winter Olympic Games, chengdu, combined with the background of celebrating the Universiade, through various forms of publicity of the Knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games, spread the spirit of the Universiade, chengdu organized a series of activities for chengdu youth to welcome the Winter Olympics ice sports experience.The students of Pautung Tree Primary School said excitedly: “At the grand occasion of the Winter Olympic Games, Chengdu has also been ready to tell the world with confidence and high attitude: Universiade, we are ready!We sincerely hope that friends from all over the world will leave behind beautiful memories of the Universiades in chengdu, which is rich in heritage, inclusive, open and dynamic.”The reporter understands, in order to fully show the enthusiasm of the chengdu celebrate the games, planning and implementation team, in the form of “new old” made a point of choice, in charge of the chengdu chengdu television director liu aerospace show event, “” old” represents the width of reflect chengdu culture deep alleys, as urban lounge, it has high identification,Can let everyone quickly identify Chengdu, and can show chengdu’s happy and comfortable, full of fireworks life.”New” refers to chengdu World Universiade Park, which is a new scene of Chengdu Park City, and also a new scene of Chengdu this year which is full of anticipation because the Universiade will be opened here.You can also feel the energy and passion of Chengdu, which is booming and full of new opportunities!”In terms of filming elements, the director team used two distinct elements, ice and fire, to show the full fireworks of Chengdu.”Chengdu World Universiade Park takes fire as the theme, and integrates chengdu’s folk characteristics and intangible cultural heritage ‘Fire dragon’ to celebrate and celebrate the New Year during the Spring Festival, so that everyone can fully feel the fireworks atmosphere of Chengdu.On the other side, the snowflakes in the east square of kuanzhai Alley are promoting the Winter Olympics, showing the charm of the ice and snow world.The combination of ice and snow fully reflects the excitement of the Winter Olympics held during the Traditional Chinese New Year, and also shows chengdu people’s love and yearning for ice and snow.”This “Chengdu moment”, Chengdu World Universiade Park, wide and narrow alley as the “city meeting room”, facing the Winter Olympics “receive visitors”, facing the world “receive visitors”.It is worth mentioning that the Chengdu World Universiade Park featured in the “Chengdu Moment” is the venue for the 31st World University Games.The Universiade is only one part of the construction of Chengdu as a famous city for sports events.In recent years, Chengdu has vigorously promoted the construction of a large number of modern sports venues such as Tianfu Olympic Sports City and Phoenix Mountain Sports Park.Constantly innovate and upgrade the new sports consumption scenes of deep integration of “sports + greenway” development, such as Jiangtan Park and Guixi Ecological Park;Xiling Snow Mountain and Sunac Snow World will be upgraded to bring diversified formats for citizens to experience snow and ice sports.With the addition of sports facilities, new sports scenes, and the 31st World University Games, which will be held in Chengdu this year, the sports atmosphere in Chengdu will continue to heat up.Under the name of the competition, Chengdu constantly bursts out new vitality and speeds up its pace towards the world.With sports as the medium, the world will know more about Chengdu, and Chengdu will surely respond to the expectation and attention from the world with better performance.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Lu Xingyu video Chengdu TV picture according to Xinhua News Agency editor Li Min collated wang Ling