What profit does teahouse rely on?What other channels can we use to increase revenue?

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In ancient times, there are tea horse ancient road, and now there are tea houses, tea houses and tea houses. As a kind of food culture handed down from ancient times, its evolution and development are reflected in the tea space.Tea?What does the teahouse profit from?What else can you do to increase revenue?Nowadays, the main profit direction of teahouses is divided into space, commodity and time charge. The space charge is what we often say about the tea table charge. Some teahouses order a cup of tea and can rest in the hall for an afternoon, so now the teahouse specially pays attention to the elegance and comfort of the environment.So some business talks, salons and lectures are also held in teahouses.The second is commodity fees, such as tea, snacks, snacks and catering in teahouses, but the main profit point is the tea gift package, such as the six gentlemen of tea ceremony, tea and other products.Nowadays, some teahouses also use special management systems to store tea for customers and offer free tea storage service when buying tea, so as to better bind customers.The second is the time charge. Now there are chess and card rooms in The Teahouse in Europe, which are sold by hour according to the time period. For example, a private room is 100 yuan for 4 hours.Teahouse income channels has a lot of, now most is according to the above three extensions, such as sharing installed at the front desk charging treasure, and tea in the teahouse hall decoration exhibition hall, tea suppliers to make goods and space fee, for the company to offer employees open night buffet meal, utilization management system mode, implement open 24 hours a day, etc., to increase their income.The tea industry has always had its unique commercial attributes, and the consumption potential and customer unit price of merchants are higher than other catering peers. Teahouse operators can seize this point, conduct targeted operations, and provide customers with better services by using the management system of Shangming Wjiang F Tea on the 6th floor.