Total spectrum of hunan tourism development largest concentric circle

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Zhangjiajie Daily commentator “a single flower does not make a spring, full of colorful spring garden.”At the beginning of New Year, our province will host the first conference on tourism development of news, this will be the annual tourism industry in our province festival, cultural festival, economic event, is the social from all walks of life watches tourism cooperation and exchange platform, to promote the development of the global tourism, the tourism industry to promote quality upgrading is of great significance.Zhangjiajie, as the leader of the whole province’s tourism development, is full of sincere expectations for the success of the conference, hoping to take this opportunity to promote the better and faster development of the whole province’s tourism to make greater contributions.At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, cross-border tourism is “frozen”, and cross-provincial tourism is “ICU”, while intra-provincial tourism is “twos and threes”.How to “restart” the tourism industry and turn this winter into a good opportunity to reverse the attack is worth everyone’s thinking.Hunan is a big province of tourism resources, but not a strong province of tourism industry.Although tourism has developed rapidly in recent years, it has not formed an industrial advantage.At the same time, time doesn’t slow us down, nor does the opposition.The competitors we are facing are no longer individual tourism markets based on cities and scenic spots, but tourism carriers built by the strong integration of provincial administrative platforms one after another. They are developing the whole tourism industry with the blueprint of “trillion industry”.For such an opponent, Zhangjiajie has a deep understanding and strategy, that is, in the whole region tourism strategy, we should first build the core scenic spots that must be visited, and then string them together into a “pearl chain”, and then jointly promote the common prosperity of other tourism resources in the province, which is an effective way to form a joint force of tourism.In the past 30 years, Zhangjiajie is committed to expanding its tourism territory, and not confined to one region, closely cooperate with the provincial tourism strategy, dance live leading as their own responsibility, and constantly expand the cake.From 1989 to 2019, the number of tourists soared from 560,000 to 80.49 million, a 143-fold increase in 30 years.Tourism revenue soared from 0.25 million yuan in 1989 to 99 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 3,960 times in 30 years, and has successfully driven the development of surrounding tourism in a larger geographical administrative space and a longer tourism industry chain, playing a role of “four to four”.Now, changsha, xiangtan, hunan, changde, which is, chenzhou city, state and depth of zhangjiajie on travel products, is highly dependent on zhangjiajie tourism brands and distribution functions, the entire province all domain and the radiating and driving effect obviously, wuling mountain area tourism which is the contribution of zhangjiajie, zhangjiajie is also the responsibility.On a realistic factor to think, relative to the hair by province travel conference with the short-term effect of zhangjiajie is more focused on whether the meeting can let the provincial tourism community agreed on the strategic level, set out to design suitability of provincial tourism industry development policy and the path, integrated optimization of core resources, and in the future market competition in his position.Therefore, no matter who will undertake this conference, it is a glorious task entrusted by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to the provincial tourism community including Zhangjiajie, as well as a direct promotion to the quality of the provincial tourism service and the image of the city, and to promote the integrated development of the whole region tourism.Therefore, we should join hands with each other, take this tourism development conference as an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to make up for the shortcomings of provincial-level tourism development, comprehensively strengthen the construction of tourism software and hardware, rely on the advantages of red, Hunan, landscape, ecology and other cultural and natural resources in our province, promote the integrated development of culture and tourism.Targeted efforts will be made to improve the product research and development system, tourist service system and smart tourism system, upgrade and renovate infrastructure, and protect and exploit cultural resources to meet the increasingly diverse tourism needs of tourists.In this way, we will be able to live up to expectations, so that every tourist can heartily look up to the beauty of Hunan mountains and rivers, overlook the prosperity of splendid Xiaoxiang products, and realize the magnificent turn of the whole province’s tourism from “point” to “line” to “surface”.Zhangjiajie is a beautiful city, is a bear as a city, as the bibcock of hunan tourism, our responsibility to give full play to the province’s tourism industry leading role, the people in the city will also for the province’s first conference on tourism development for devoting all his strength, push the hunan tourism development, a total of hunan tourism development biggest concentric circles.Editor | Luo Hongyan Duty director | Duan Xiaohui Final Appeal | Fang Xiping Production | Zhangjiajie This platform is owned by Zhangjiajie Daily.Any unit or individual who uses, republishes or disseminates the media copyright contents of Zhangjiajie Daily must obtain written authorization in advance.In addition to the scope of legal fair use, without permission, shall not be reproduced, dissemination of copyrighted works (works form is not limited to words).