There is no free white-collar egg, look at the limited money in their own pockets

2022-05-19 0 By

If careful, walk in the streets of the city, always see such a common not strange scene: a certain health or health care place in front of the door, often there will be some men and women lined up to get free eggs, the premise is: in the “teacher” about the health class, there is a insist on listening to the practice.And of course, clap your hands and yell “yes” during the class, and you’re eligible for free eggs.But are eggs really free?No eggs heaven good, of course, price is, you listen to the teacher in the process, in the impact of the health care “concept”, “teacher” would tell you: through a lot of facts and related information is ill does not matter, as long as eat related health products (including some medicines), will be out of the, live one hundred years is not a dream, live for ninety years of age, will make people surprised to find that:Goody, isn’t this the new gym coach?So, in your case, willing to take out years of hard saved pension money, and even overdraw part of the bottom of the box silver, to buy the magic “product”.What children advised, well-intentioned people to remind, are useless.The inner thought is buy, buy, buy.When the purchase of tens of thousands of dollars (and tens of thousands of more than) related products, free to send you a car of eggs, can value geometry?Spend more time exercising and forget about free eggs!When you are older, don’t add trouble to yourself, let alone to your children. There is no free egg, just like there is no free lunch in the world.Why fall for free eggs when you’ve seen everything?For this kind of free eggs, first of all, the elderly should know self-discipline, ups and downs through most of their lives, what kind of routine haven’t seen?What kind of brainwashing hasn’t gone through?Take fewer free eggs. Do you really have nothing left in your pocket to spend a few tens of dollars on eggs?;Secondly, the relevant management departments should strengthen daily supervision, to strictly check the hidden secrets behind the free eggs, once found the illegal behavior behind the eggs, must be punished.Free eggs are a great deal, but the pit is also very deep, silver age people, you will go to get?