Spring Festival holiday end | 24 hours by car inspection!4156 vehicles have been inspected in Fuyang, Anhui province.

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Fuyang | 916 as the end of the lunar New Year holiday, fuyang into personnel returning home the peak today (February 8) fuyang city transportation personnel and WeiJian, traffic police, the villages and towns government and other department staff continue fighting fucheng high-speed epidemic prevention and control in 24 hours service point in fuyang city epidemic emergency headquarters and the city transport department work deployment,Fucheng Expressway epidemic prevention and control service points adhere to joint prevention and control, people and things together, strictly implement the normal epidemic prevention and control measures.The implementation of 24 hours three shifts work system, in the fucheng high-speed export epidemic prevention and control of the first line, the full implementation of the health monitoring of the personnel to Fu, check vehicles from high-risk areas, to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control “not leak a car, not leak a person”;Temperature detection, identity check, registration information and joint check of “two codes and one certificate” should be carried out. Knowledge of epidemic prevention and control should be popularized on site, and drivers and passengers should be urged to take precautions.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the traffic flow at the entrances and exits of the expressways has weakened, and the current traffic flow on the Fucheng expressways is smooth and smooth.Today, fucheng expressway checkpoints total inspection of 4156 vehicles, 51 vehicles to persuade back, nucleic acid testing personnel 426 times.People returning to Fu from outside the province should report to their villages (communities) and units 3 days in advance for nucleic acid testing and health code to coordinate with various epidemic prevention measures