Practice of constructing world-class salt lake industrial base in Qinghai province

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Magnesium chloride dehydration core technology, is a worldwide “neck” problem.It has global strategic salt lake resources, but cannot break through core technical barriers.The vast salt lake treasures are waiting to be married, and the release of huge magnesium production capacity is limited. It seems that qinghai’s steps to build a world-class salt lake industrial base have encountered obstacles in the beginning of the “14th Five-year Plan”.Qinghai is the largest “rich ore” of salt lakes in China, and its rich salt resources such as potassium, magnesium and lithium have huge potential economic value.The exploitation and utilization of qinghai salt lake resources is directly related to the sustainable development of China’s modern agriculture, new energy, new materials and other industries.”We should speed up the construction of a world-class salt lake industrial base based on the unique resource endowment of the plateau.”Since August 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out the direction and made blueprints for qinghai Salt Lake industry development three times.Facing the great opportunity of building a world-class salt lake industrial base, qinghai province is determined to protect the ecological environment of the salt lake, develop the salt lake resources efficiently and green, and promote the high-quality development of the salt lake industry.Scientific and technological innovation plays a huge role in promoting industrial development. It is the powerful “core” for Qinghai to build a world-class salt lake industrial base to break through the major key technology bottleneck of salt lake industry and promote the salt Lake magnesium integration project to reach the production standard smoothly.Qinghai Salt Lake has more than 3 billion tons of magnesium chloride reserves, ranking first in China.Because magnesium has the characteristics of aluminum, it has become a trend to replace the increasingly depleted aluminum resources in today’s shortage of aluminum resources.Qarhan Salt Lake in Qinghai province is the largest chloride potassium-magnesium salt deposit in China, with proven surface reserves of 1.65 billion tons of magnesium chloride, which can produce 420 million tons of raw magnesium.In 2008, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd. introduced the technology of Norsk Hydro and started the metal magnesium integration project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of electrolytic metal magnesium device as the core.After the completion of the project, metal magnesium plant four main production unit, the key to the core of magnesium chloride dehydrate unit due to the climate, elevation, raw material source, hydrochloric acid recycling way, and many other factors, device fails to realize the steady production, severely restricted the subsequent metal magnesium plant stable operation and standard reaches producing, magnesium chloride dehydrate the core technology become a worldwide problem.”Once the core technology of magnesium chloride dehydration in Qinghai Salt Lake is conquered, it will fundamentally reverse the situation of blocked green development of magnesium industry in Qinghai Salt lake, fully release magnesium capacity, open up the electrolytic magnesium metal-magnesium alloy industrial chain, and make positive contributions to accelerate the construction of world-class salt lake industrial base in Qinghai.”On November 24, provincial science and technology department related person in charge of the words.Qinghai Salt Lake has great potential because of the lack of scientific and technological innovation talents and weak foundation in Qinghai. In the face of the key and core technologies that cannot be bought, bought or won, it has become the best answer and inevitable choice to “look out of Qinghai and see Qinghai” to implement “opening the list”.The aim of this initiative is to focus on key core technologies, maximize the intellectual potential of all sectors of society, and find practical solutions as quickly as possible. The core of this initiative is to take responsibility for the competent people, without distraction to tackle the difficulties.However, it is undoubtedly a new pioneering initiative, with its feasibility, unpredictability, difficulty and practical operation beyond imagination.Su Haihong, deputy director of the provincial Science and Technology Department, said in an interview that the problem and demant-oriented “opening list leader” has obvious advantages in solving “bottleneck” technical problems, and strengthening core technology research is the inevitable choice to achieve the key core technology independent control.We should fully mobilize and give full play to the national scientific research forces and focus on solving the key scientific problems in the comprehensive development and utilization of salt lake resources.In the exploration of scientific and technological system reform, the open Qinghai has the courage to put into practice the “hard bones” and “no man’s land”.In April 2021, the Provincial Science and Technology Department fully consulted domestic experts and agreed with the provincial people’s government to take “Key technology of preparing Anhydrous Magnesium chloride from Salt Lake Old Brine” as the first project of “opening the list” in Qinghai Province.Key problems are focused on the adaptability research and refining of salt lake brine raw materials, the track control of the first stage of dehydration and granulation, the flow field control of the second stage of dehydration process equipment, and the dehydration under the protection of hydrogen chloride gas, etc., to optimize the production demonstration line of brucite hydrate dehydration device, and achieve the stable operation of reaching the standard and production.Less than half a year, first “JieBang 1” project completed in qinghai from the billboard and demonstrate to the JieBang perfect landing – April 19 this year, “he JieBang 1” project of qinghai salt lake magnesium resources in qinghai province department of joint letter qinghai remit asset management co., ltd. for the billboard unit together, facing the whole country public “billboard” recruiting staff;To May 30, has shandong Tianli Energy Co., LTD., Yongle New energy environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. and other 12 domestic enterprises and universities intention to unveil or jointly formed a RESEARCH and development team “eager to try”;On June 18, the provincial Science and Technology Department organized well-known experts in the industry to form an expert review committee to carry out evaluation and demonstration of the technical scheme of the unveiling team;On September 26th, at the 2020 Annual Qinghai Science and Technology Award Conference, Shandong Tianli Energy Co., LTD., as the first “ranking unveiling” project in Qinghai province, was officially named “middle ranking”…The project is not only a concrete measure for Qinghai to actively respond to the major concerns of the state, but also an effective measure to truly solve the “bottleneck” technical problems of Qinghai salt lake industry.We have reason to believe that the technological innovation momentum released by “opening the list” will usher in unprecedented development opportunities for Qinghai magnesium industry and become the largest metal magnesium production base in China and even the world.