Beijing: Approach a post-85 female mortician

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“It takes calmness, precision and tenderness to bring life back to the already cold and to give eternal beauty to the dead.”This is a classic line from the Japanese film Encoffiners.Wei Yanru is a funeral decorator at the Dongjiao Funeral Parlor in Beijing. She has the same expectation as the leading actor in The film, that is, to meet the needs of family members to the greatest extent, let the deceased rest in peace and comfort the living.Born in Tonghua city, Jilin Province, Wei Yanru was lively and active since childhood.When she applied for the college entrance examination, Wei yanru chose the modern Funeral Service Technology and Management major of Changsha Civil Administration Vocational And Technical College. “I just think this industry is not popular, and it will be easier to find a job after graduation.”At the time, her grandfather supported her decision, saying, “This is a do-good business.”After graduation in 2007, Wei Yanru entered the funeral home industry work, has body plastic surgery, body cremation, master, host, guide and other positions.She remembers crying almost every day during her first month on the job, when she saw dead bodies and when she saw bereaved families crying;I dream every day. I dream of dead bodies.Despite this, she persevered, just wanting to do what she could to give the dead their last journey, their last dignity.At that time, about half of the 50 students in the class changed their jobs right after graduation, and some of them left one after another because of the social status and low salary of funeral work. However, Wei Yanru worked in this position for 15 years.Morticians are called “people who see people off on the journey of life”, a term Wei likes very much.As a funeral director, she conducts an average of three farewell ceremonies of one kind or another a day.Many families have to cremate their bodies before noon or even before dawn, so Wei yanru’s working hours are three or four time zones ahead.She used to get up at 5:00 in the morning and arrive at her post before 6:10 every morning. At 6:30, she started her daily work — receiving family members, checking the basic information of the deceased, arranging the position of family members, organizing and writing the eulogy, and then presiding over the farewell ceremony.In April, Wei Yanru’s work is relatively easy, but generally also need to host two shows a day.In the winter, especially In January, there were more arrivals and more farewells, nine of which she presided over.Some have only a few family members, some have four or five hundred people, the short ceremony can be over in ten minutes, the long ceremony can last more than an hour.But short or long, Wei Yanru dare not take it lightly.”Some of the deceased’s age on their ID cards is different from their actual age, and some of their names need to be pronounced with family members. For example, if there is jun in the name, you cannot say zun (four tones), which someone has been calling you all your life. You say Jun at a farewell ceremony.”Wei Yanru always felt that a person’s funeral only once, need to be rigorous and serious, “even if say a wrong word, will feel sorry for the deceased and their families.”Sometimes after several scenes in a row, the whole body collapsed.Although already a very professional funeral director, But Wei Yanru sometimes still difficult to control their emotions.In November 2017, a 10-year-old boy suffocated to death in a fire in Beijing’s Daxing district.There were no bruises on the boy’s body, and he lay peacefully in the coffin as if he were asleep, “so clever you couldn’t help but touch his face again.””But to think that this is the end of such a small life, I lost all control.”Wei Yanru is also a mother, her daughter is 10 years old this year, she can fully experience the little boy’s parents that kind of piercing pain.At the farewell ceremony, she deliberately lowered and moderated her own voice as she delivered the eulogy through tears.That day came home from work, and her daughter ran to “hug”, Wei Yanru went and hugged her tightly, for a long time did not give up.Although the farewell ceremony, control the life of the deceased, hospitality, leading to the families of the deceased, farewell, but rarely noticed them this group, some people refused to shake hands with them, don’t even pick them up directly with the hand to pass things, “and someone asks me where I work, I said in the funeral home, they will instinctively drew back.”In her 15th year on the job, Wei yanru has gone through nearly 10,000 funerals and farewells.Each year, about 13,000 of the dead are sent to her funeral parlor in the eastern suburbs of Beijing for cremation. About 5,000 of the families hold a ceremony to say goodbye to a daughter who has found suicide, a husband who was killed in an accident, a 10-year-old boy who died after a fire, and a 100-year-old man who died after a suicide.The lobby is like a miniature society. During her 15 years of work, Wei Yanru witnessed a lot of warmth, as well as hypocrisy and ugliness.The dead are cleaned up, dressed up and wheeled in here to attend their own funerals before being wheeled into a fire at about 900°C.Surrounded shape with different color of flowers is always the leading role of the “silent”, the different voices decibels music, played the last elegy – some wail, someone a silent tear, some write love letter read up his wife alive, some noisy machinery production, someone put the children’s favorite toys into the coffin, and quietly rolled down the coffin of his fiancee’s hands diamond ring…”People will die, what we have to do is cherish the present, live well, no matter money or not, live is a kind of happiness.”Now Wei Yanru open-minded, cheerful, she said she would not care about a lot, not because of some small things to lose his temper, try to make yourself happy every day.In her spare time, Wei likes to study tea ceremony, practice calligraphy and enjoy the time with her family. She enjoys this simple happiness.Once the work up, Wei Yanru is still very hard, “can test to the certificate test hand, can learn more to learn as much as possible”.In the past 15 years, Wei Yanru has won the “8th National Civil Affairs Industry Vocational Skills Competition Undertaker Professional Competition Special prize”, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security “National Technical Expert honorary title” and other honors.”As a mortician, you cannot do great things, but you can do small things with great love.With love to comfort the departed soul, send them a good last journey of life, with warmth to appease the living family members, so that they can be less bitter in the future.”Wei Yanru said.(Reporter Wang Wei)