Zheng Guangming shave home, personally buried nephew ashes, leaving words let Zhou Bingkun burst into tears

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Zheng Guangming shave a home, personally buried nephew ashes, leaving words let Zhou Bingkun burst into tears, “the world” the most pathetic role, than Zheng Juan’s brother Zheng Guangming.He was a child picked up by his old mother. He was born unable to see the colors of the world, and could only feel the rays of the sun with a glass ball. Such a man with no identity, background and poor family eventually chose to become a monk and become a character adjacent to the virtuous generation.So why did Zheng Guangming choose to become a monk?Nephew Zheng Nan gets what kind of twists and turns again?Everything from Zheng Juan’s experience.Because Zheng Juan’s son is Luo Shibin, obtain the Luo Shibin of unexpected wealth, not only come back personally to find his son, still want to rob Zheng Juan even, such a heartless, and unreasonable man, let Zheng Juan nowhere to resist.Zhou Bingkun has always liked Zheng Juan, she is capable, good, kind, smart, and brother Zheng Guangming often give two people to build Bridges, if you can have zhou Bingkun this brother-in-law, then sister Zheng Juan’s day, will be better and better.However, due to luo Shibin’s unreasonable, Zhou Bingkun stands a lawsuit, can only accept the situation of imprisonment.Zhou Bingkun was held for half a year, Zheng Juan with children, and Zheng Guangming together to take care of zhou’s paralyzed mother.The Zheng Juan that can bear hardships takes pains, follow Chunyan to learn craft, use the art of massage together, help zhou jia mother restores health.Perhaps touched god, zhou old mother woke up, saw Zheng Juan at first sight.And Zheng Guangming feel for the first time, the good effect of massage, since then, follow the master to learn the craft, into the massage hall.However, due to the problems in the massage house, the eyes can not see Zheng Guangming look at the broken world of mortals, choose to become a monk, with massage technology, to help the villagers regain health.Although, Zheng Guangming did a lot of good things, but his nephew, studying abroad, after a shooting incident, unfortunately lost his life.Zheng Guangming worried sister Zheng Juan trauma, make stupid, quickly down the mountain, waiting in the sister.Zhou Bingkun saw this scene, a kind of pain welled up, did not think that they were locked up in time, so many unexpected things happened.Zheng Guangming already see through the world all things, even say words to comfort Zhou Bingkun.”Although I have become a monk and do not care about the world, I still have my relatives and friends in the world to help me, which should not be forgotten.”Hear these words, Zhou Bingkun burst into tears, more regret, he failed to take good care of Zheng Juan, more failed to take care of his mother, even let brother Zheng Guangming choose monastic road.Zheng Guangming’s merit, also personally buried nephew in the ground, I hope he can go all the way, and as uncle, also on the road to do good go farther and farther.