Winter Olympics legend ends at 35 years old!A standing ovation and a tearful Sean White

2022-05-18 0 By

The snowboarder shaun White, 35, broke down in tears after failing to make the top three in the men’s halfpipe final, the highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Shaun White was ninth in the three-round snowboard halfpipe final, with Japan’s Hirano Stepping out as the final favorite.It is worth mentioning that Shaun White had a scare in the first jump of the qualifying competition, when he crashed on the double body 1260, so he only scored 24.25 points, but he made it to the final with a high score on the second jump.In the first round of the final, Shaun White was fourth with 72.00 points, not a competitive score given that there were three other champions left behind him.But after that, all the runners made mistakes, especially the last one, Momo Hirano, only got 33.75 points. After the first action, Tyler Gold was in first place, and Shaun White was still in fourth place.In the second round of the final, Shaun White performed very steadily, with no obvious problems in all 5 difficult moves, and finally he scored 85 points, moving up to second place and one step closer to the podium.But soon, Australian Scotty – James, a high difficulty, perfect performance, won 92.50 moments into the first, while the finale of Japan’s Momo Hirano played equally well, 91.75 second, so Shaun – White again dropped out of the top three.The last jump, to stand on the podium, Shaun – White had to spell a high difficulty, and successfully completed, at least better than Switzerland’s Scherrer 87.25 points, not a small difficulty, finally, the third jump landed and fell, Shaun White failed to stand on the podium, it was a pity.After taking off his helmet, we also saw the hero’s tears. The audience and athletes at the scene gave Shaun White a standing ovation.