Suqian Zhongwu Hospital is recruiting 22 staff members from public institutions

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Suqian Zhongwu Hospital, founded in 2002, is located at No. 3786, Development Avenue, covering an area of about 80 mu, with a floor area of 110,700 square meters and 620 approved beds. It is a second-level first-class general hospital controlled by Fosun Pharmaceutical Group.At the beginning of 2020, the new hospital was put into use, and the old hospital started the homogenization renovation project. In July, “Suqian Cancer Hospital” and “Suqian Zhongwu Hospital Internet Hospital” were approved to be established.The hospital has 26 professional departments, among which the department of cardiovascular medicine, orthopedics, intensive care medicine and infectious Diseases are the key clinical departments of Suqian city, the department of gastroenterology is the key specialized construction unit, and the Department of oncology is the characteristic department.The hospital has passed the national chest pain Center certification (basic version), the city and county level chest pain, trauma, stroke treatment center.In addition to conventional equipment, it is equipped with dozens of large medical equipment such as linear accelerator, gamma knife, CT simulation positioning machine, DSA, GE 1.5T magnetic resonance, GE 64-slice spiral CT, DR and so on.Hospital always put “let people see highly of good disease, disease, rest assured disease” as the guideline, the common people’s vital interests in the first place, and through every link in medical work, and domestic first-class medical resources, is committed to grafting was built in the province of well-known, service in huaihai economic zone, which are characterized by tumor diagnosis and treatment of modernization level 3 general hospital.In order to strengthen the construction of professional and technical personnel team of the hospital, our hospital plans to introduce 22 high-level talents in the departments of nuclear medicine, Renal endocrinology, oncology, surgery, general surgery, geriatrics and stomatology. According to the policy of the Municipal Health Personnel Service Center,High-level talents meeting the “four certificates combined” (namely, practicing doctor certificate, training certificate, educational certificate and degree certificate) shall be managed by referring to the enrolled personnel of public institutions.The policy documents are hereby conveyed as follows: Announcement of public Introduction of high-level health Talents by Municipal Health Personnel Service Center in 2022 i. Introduction Conditions 1.Having the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Abide by the Constitution and laws and have good conduct;3. Having the physical condition to perform their duties normally;4. Aged 50 or below;5. Full-time master’s degree or above must have an ordinary university degree recognized by the National education administrative department;See Annex 2 for the first batch of high-level health personnel introduction plan.1. The introduced talents shall enjoy no lower treatment than the staff of the institution;2. Those who meet the requirements of The Talent policy of Suqian can enjoy the “house purchase voucher” of 100,000 to 2 million yuan;3. Give priority to applying for provincial and municipal talent programs. PhD students from prestigious universities can apply for jiangsu Provincial Doctoral program of entrepreneurship and innovation, RMB 150,000 / person;The municipal “entrepreneurship and innovation Talents” can receive 300,000 to 1,000,000 yuan of talent subsidy, the municipal “entrepreneurship and innovation Team” can receive 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 yuan of talent subsidy, and the municipal “one thousand top-notch talents” can enjoy 500-3,000 yuan of living subsidy per month.Three, introduction procedures (a) registration.The examinee will contact the municipal direct social medical institution (hereinafter referred to as “medical institution”) with the introduction plan, and the medical institution will conduct the preliminary examination. The medical institution will submit the application materials of the examinee who has passed the preliminary examination to the Municipal Health Personnel Service Center for review.Candidates are required to provide the following application materials: Download and fill in the Application Form for Introduction of High-level Health Talents (Attachment 1), copies of resumes, ID cards, certificates of education and degree, professional and technical titles, doctor qualification certificates, regulatory training certificates and other materials.The registration period is from the date of announcement to May 31, 2022.(2) examination.The time and place of the interview will be notified directly by the municipal Health Personnel Service Center. Please keep your contact information clear.The interview score must reach 60 points, and the interview score will be notified to the candidate on the spot.(3) Physical examination.The physical examination shall be carried out with reference to the General Standard of Physical Examination for Civil Servant Recruitment (Trial).Those who have passed the physical examination enter for inspection.(4) Investigation.The investigation work shall be carried out in accordance with jiangsu Provincial Measures for The Investigation of National Civil Servant Employment (Trial), and the personal credit status and illegal and criminal records of the subjects shall be included in the investigation scope.(5) Employment.After the inspection, the list of employees to be employed shall be publicized on the website of the Municipal Health Commission for 7 working days.After the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems or the reflected problems do not affect the employment, the municipal Health Personnel Service Center shall handle the employment procedures according to the procedures;If the problems reflected affect the employment after verification, the employment qualification shall be cancelled.The recruited personnel and the original work unit signed a labor (employment) contract or a variety of agreements, by their own responsibility for handling.In the stage of physical examination, inspection, publicity, because of various reasons, the vacancy, according to the total score of the examinee in this post interview from high to low points successively fill.After the employment record, due to various reasons, there is no longer a vacancy.The municipal Health Personnel Service Center shall sign employment contracts with the employees, and the service period of the first employment contract shall be no less than 5 years.During the period of service, the employee shall not transfer, borrow or transfer the personnel files, and the resigned employee shall bear the liability for breach of contract stipulated in the employment contract and be included in the personal integrity file.The municipal health personnel Service Center, the introduction of talents and the medical institution shall sign a tripartite agreement as a supplement to the employment contract.The work of this open introduction shall strictly follow the principle of “openness, equality, competition and selection of the best”, adhere to the prescribed procedures, conditions and standards, and strictly prohibit falsification and malpractice for personal gain.The work of public introduction shall be subject to the supervision of the disciplinary inspection organs and the society, and the staff who violate the examination, employment discipline or neglect of duty or make mistakes resulting in adverse consequences shall be seriously dealt with according to the relevant provisions once confirmed.Please apply for the exam in good faith.Any fraud, once verified, will be disqualified, and in accordance with the provisions of the integrity of the candidates into the archives.V. The Municipal Health Personnel Service Center is responsible for the policy interpretation of this announcement. Telephone number: 0527-84389390 (Suqian Health Personnel Service Center);Medical institution tel: 0527-80978000 (Zhongwu Hospital, Suqian city).