New Year to go grassroots “double reduction” to achieve real changes in sight

2022-05-18 0 By

Reporter Liu Lishan multifunctional hall, calligraphy group, instrumental group of children’s regular performance, from time to time to win the crowd of parents and students burst of applause;School playground, to carry out diabolo, fancy rope skipping, basketball dribble sports “little talent”, with huan son enjoy the happiness of sports……On February 3rd, the third day of the New Year, shengli Primary School of Liaohe Oilfield, which is the advanced unit of the provincial curriculum reform, held the activity of “Colorful culture and sports celebrating the New Year”. 73 students participated in the activity actively accompanied by their parents.”This is the first winter holiday after the implementation of the ‘double reduction’ policy. In order to let students broaden their knowledge and learn skills, the school organized various themed activities such as essay reading, moral education practice, science and technology production, social practice and interview experience of young journalists, and the cultural and sports performance during the Spring Festival is one of them.”School “3 combine” dong Luying of director of psychological room tells a reporter.”There is less written homework and more interesting and exploratory social work, such as copying newspapers by hand and helping mom and dad with housework.I had more time to learn music and baking skills.”Zheng Qihan said excitedly.Her mother, Wang Jie, added with a smile, “My child’s learning autonomy has also increased.In the other half of the year, she arranged her study tasks by herself every day, saying that she should play well and study well.””When they go home, they can put down their books and have more time for sleep. They have more recreational and sports activities. The balanced development of morality, intelligence, physical education, beauty and labor is becoming more and more prominent.MAO Fengna, the principal of Shengli Primary School, said that the school has been pragmatic in improving the quality of classroom teaching, curriculum construction and intensive scientific management, so that children can have enough to eat in the school, so that parents can feel that the “double reduction” policy is beneficial to their children’s growth.